WRONG: Pandering Patrick Brown Ignorantly Calls Bill 62 ‘Racist’

Total ignorance and political correctness from a pandering politician who should know better.

PC Party (“Political Correctness Party”?) leader Patrick Brown has upset many of his own supporters by joining the out-of-touch elitist condemnation of Quebec’s Bill 62.

Here’s what Patrick Brown tweeted:

If you look at the replies to his tweet, you’ll note that Brown’s statement didn’t go over well.

That’s no surprise.

After all, Bill 62 is massively supported within Quebec, and Canadians across the country support similar legislation.

Also, everybody knows that Islam is a religion, not a race, so saying that a law which focuses on face coverings (regardless of religion or other reason), is “racist,” is the height of ignorance and political pandering.

Brown is making the big mistake of thinking that by pandering to leftist political correctness he can somehow win more votes. Of course, we all know very well that Brown’s opponents will attack him no matter what he does, and following the elitist line will only hurt him with his own supporters, instead of gaining him any votes.

Instead, Brown should stand up for the silent majority of common sense Canadians who support legislation like Bill 62, and bring some sanity back to Ontario politics. After all, he wasn’t elected to take positions to the left of Justin Trudeau.

Brown is still the best choice in Ontario, since the other options are both far-left socialist big spenders, but he shouldn’t take that as a license to pander to the politically correct elites.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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