WRONG: Pandering Patrick Brown Ignorantly Calls Bill 62 ‘Racist’

Total ignorance and political correctness from a pandering politician who should know better.

PC Party (“Political Correctness Party”?) leader Patrick Brown has upset many of his own supporters by joining the out-of-touch elitist condemnation of Quebec’s Bill 62.

Here’s what Patrick Brown tweeted:

If you look at the replies to his tweet, you’ll note that Brown’s statement didn’t go over well.

That’s no surprise.

After all, Bill 62 is massively supported within Quebec, and Canadians across the country support similar legislation.

Also, everybody knows that Islam is a religion, not a race, so saying that a law which focuses on face coverings (regardless of religion or other reason), is “racist,” is the height of ignorance and political pandering.

Brown is making the big mistake of thinking that by pandering to leftist political correctness he can somehow win more votes. Of course, we all know very well that Brown’s opponents will attack him no matter what he does, and following the elitist line will only hurt him with his own supporters, instead of gaining him any votes.

Instead, Brown should stand up for the silent majority of common sense Canadians who support legislation like Bill 62, and bring some sanity back to Ontario politics. After all, he wasn’t elected to take positions to the left of Justin Trudeau.

Brown is still the best choice in Ontario, since the other options are both far-left socialist big spenders, but he shouldn’t take that as a license to pander to the politically correct elites.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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don morris

Many Ontarians I blog with consider Patrick Brown a Liberal-Lite. Vote for Brown because he’s not Kathleen Wynne.

Sheesh! What a choice.

Chris vrecko

You sir are one very stupid ignorant prick. Glad they have you not us.

Patrick Brown is in favor of CARBON TAX, And supports face covering, I am PC but he will never get my vote.

D. Jerome Hauk

Look up “ Manchurian Candidate” in the dictionary and you just might find a pic of Patrick Brown to illustrate.


He had better move on and let a real conservative take his place, otherwise you are going to end up with Wynne again..,

,Michael Davis



Fortunately we have a couple other new parties to consider, if for no other reason but to protest vote!

Jay Jamieson

Too bad for Patrick Brown and for Ontario and for Canada. He should have studied this issue before he blurted out his comment which showed his total ignorance. He should also know that Quebec has the ‘ Notwithstanding ‘ clause in the constitution and they’ll use it to protect theirculture.


And I believed we could trust the PCs….


Patrick Brown has been trying to destroy the Conservative Party. What are they waiting for to get rid of him?
He is a pure blood Liberal with all the sins. If they dont get rid of him, I am withdrawing my support and my financial contributions. Conservatives I give you till Christmas!

Segue C

Patrick Brown wants to lead a progressive party; he should have started one instead of corrupting OPCP. Now we know why PMSH never promoted him to Cabinet. Brown has welcomed the two great threats to Canadian National Security; the globalist “sustainability” agenda and the islamic population jihad. Polish Minister of Interior, Mariusz Błaszczak: The migrant crisis is the most serious problem affecting Europe https://voiceofeurope.com/2017/10/polands-interior-minister-migration-crisis-created-irresponsible-leaders-like-angela-merkel/ Saner heads recognize old enemies. Meanwhile in Canada Conservatives continue to promote jobs and the economy as the greatest concern for Canadians after quashing the one leadership candidate who had the temerity to represent the true… Read more »


The PC party in Ontario must get rid of Patrick Brown ASAP! He does not stand for Conservatives and is as Arrogant and a Traitor as Justin Trudeau. We do NOT want another Liberal Anywhere in Canada, but with Conservatives NOT wanting to vote for Brown, the Liberals may have a chance at winning. A win by the Liberals sounds like a Very Sick Joke. Conservatives are asking that Patrick Brown Step Down. He is a DISASTER and DOES NOT Represent Conservatives!

Brian Rushfeldt

Brown is a fool . This issue is not racist. it is not safe to have someone you cannot identify serving you ANYTHING. Public servants MUST be identifiable. As for police – do they want people with masks on the streets and in cars? how would they issue a ticket to someone they cannot even identify. Brown is no leader – he is a bum kissing follower.


Brown is willing to do & say almost anything to get the attention. Bad PR is better than no PR is the most ridiculous cliche ever spoken. Only the ones who have gotten bad PR are the ones who believe it. I completely agree with the new Quebec ruling concerning face covering. Iwould refuse to speak to anyone that isn’t willing to show me their face. Very uncomfortable & impossible to trust.