Why Should Anyone Believe What The Trudeau Government Says In The Fiscal Update?

They’ve lied about nearly everything so far. Why would they start telling the truth now?

The Trudeau government is set to unveil a fiscal update, where they will likely announce bigger child benefit changes and an anti-poverty plan, as they spin the economic numbers in the most pro-government way possible.

Of course, it’s an effort to distract from the total wreckage of Finance Minister Moneybags Morneau’s credibility as allegations of conflict of interest and a massive backlash to the tax attack on Canadian local businesses continues to take a toll.

While the proposals and info set forth by the government tomorrow will understandably generate some discussion, there’s a deeper question that needs to be asked:

Why should we believe anything the Trudeau government says?

This is a government that has lied about almost everything:

They promised to help the middle class, yet middle class taxes are up. They promised “modest deficits” yet there is no timetable on the end to the red ink. They promised to help Veterans, yet those promises were ignored. They pledged to help impoverished reserves, yet spent money on foreign aid instead. They promised to help small businesses, but attacked them until a huge backlash forced them to back down.

That’s just a partial list. It could go on and on.

We know that the best way to predict the future actions of a government is to look at how they’ve acted in the past, and if the past is any indication, the announcements by the Trudeau Liberals tomorrow will be full of deceptions and lies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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