Why Does Bill Morneau Still Have A Job?

By refusing to fire Morneau, Justin Trudeau is sending a dangerous message throughout the government: He doesn’t care about potential conflicts of interest.

It can be easy to forget in the endless news-cycles that Justin Trudeau campaigned as a leader who would bring a new sense of ethics and responsibility to government. Part of his appeal was that he not only criticized his election opponents, but he also criticized the “old-guard” of the Liberal Party for being out-of-touch with Canadians.

Yet, once he took power, not only did he ignore all of those promises, he showed a new level of arrogance towards the Canadian people.

We can see that today, in the fiscal update released by the Trudeau government. Beyond the dishonesty of the update itself, the fact that Bill “Moneybags” Morneau was delivering it is a real slap in the face to all Canadians.

Morneau is now facing endless questions from the opposition and some of the media about his potential conflict of interests. More than perhaps any finance minister before him, he is seen by many Canadians as having been far more interested in serving his own interests and seeking to benefit himself, instead of serving the country.

The very fact that Morneau was delivering the fiscal update, rather than packing up his ministerial office, is an insult to all Canadians – many of whom took Trudeau at his word when he said he wanted to strengthen ethics in Ottawa.

Now, by letting Morneau keep his job, Trudeau is sending a very dangerous message throughout the entire government: The guy at the top doesn’t care about potential conflicts of interest. This brings serious consequences for Canadians, as our tax dollars will be used more and more to serve the narrow interests of those in power, rather than serving the people who pay for the government to exist in the first place.

This isn’t what Trudeau campaigned on, and it’s not even close to what Canadians expect from our government.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube/Twitter

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