Why Does Bill Morneau Still Have A Job?

By refusing to fire Morneau, Justin Trudeau is sending a dangerous message throughout the government: He doesn’t care about potential conflicts of interest.

It can be easy to forget in the endless news-cycles that Justin Trudeau campaigned as a leader who would bring a new sense of ethics and responsibility to government. Part of his appeal was that he not only criticized his election opponents, but he also criticized the “old-guard” of the Liberal Party for being out-of-touch with Canadians.

Yet, once he took power, not only did he ignore all of those promises, he showed a new level of arrogance towards the Canadian people.

We can see that today, in the fiscal update released by the Trudeau government. Beyond the dishonesty of the update itself, the fact that Bill “Moneybags” Morneau was delivering it is a real slap in the face to all Canadians.

Morneau is now facing endless questions from the opposition and some of the media about his potential conflict of interests. More than perhaps any finance minister before him, he is seen by many Canadians as having been far more interested in serving his own interests and seeking to benefit himself, instead of serving the country.

The very fact that Morneau was delivering the fiscal update, rather than packing up his ministerial office, is an insult to all Canadians – many of whom took Trudeau at his word when he said he wanted to strengthen ethics in Ottawa.

Now, by letting Morneau keep his job, Trudeau is sending a very dangerous message throughout the entire government: The guy at the top doesn’t care about potential conflicts of interest. This brings serious consequences for Canadians, as our tax dollars will be used more and more to serve the narrow interests of those in power, rather than serving the people who pay for the government to exist in the first place.

This isn’t what Trudeau campaigned on, and it’s not even close to what Canadians expect from our government.

Spencer Fernando

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Jay Jamieson

The Globe and Mail calculated that Moneybags Morneau earns $330,000.00 per month ( that’s about $ 4 million per year !!! ) in dividends on his company shares. How can someone with that kind of income possibly identify with the average taxpayer ??? and why is he soaking up the Finance Minister salary ?

chris malmstrom

Trudeau lied from the start, it was never about Canadians, it was as his father was … self serving politics…”I am king, and I’ll do as I please”. This piece of crap needs to go, asap!!


He needs to recuse himself and Canadians must push for it before 2019. I have never witnessed a worse PM in all my life.


A better question is why does Trudeau and this government still have a job? Why won’t liberal back benchers stick of for Canadians and their country and cross the floor and join the opposition in a vote of non confidence..-

James usedtobehopeful

plenty of money going around…they’d hate to quite a good thing…

Wendy Lush

And then there is the Maryam Monsef scandal. Trudeau clearly could not care less about democracy or the laws of the land. He has got to go asap.

Chris vrecko

Amen to all of the above comments.

Old Canadian Patroit

I am suffering from Trudeauophobia.


You and others like yourself Spencer have to do the job. It may be tough but the people calling to your show with shock that ‘they never heard nor saw’ on national tv will give you the greatest satisfaction. We need to alert the public of the liberals’ damage to Canadians under their ‘false pretences’ As long as Canadians remain immune to their surroundings makes it easier for the liberals to carry out their dirty work. I have mention to a friend things the liberals have done like Justin praying in a mosque and response was so innocent “I never… Read more »

Clive Edwards

The Kid Trudeau is just a better looking version of Trump. Promises exist to be broken. The same globalists pull the strings of both. I wonder when they got circumcised: before or after the elections? In both cases, the mohel removed their balls as well.

Ron Tylor


jack grandville

Nothing at all unusual here. A Liberal is a Liberal, is a Liberal — and to them, they can do no wrong and if by chance those ‘others’ recognize that they are wrong, that is a mere ‘incidental,’ to be ignored — because: “What do they know? End of story.