BYELECTION: Conservatives Win Big In Alberta, Liberals Take Seat In Quebec

Liberals take advantage of NDP vote collapse, Conservatives win Rona Ambrose’s former constituency by large margin.

A pair of byelections show the Conservatives and Liberals consolidating support in Alberta and Quebec respectively.

Alberta – Sturgeon River-Parkland

The Conservatives expanded on their 2015 win in the Alberta riding of Sturgeon River-Parkland, with their vote increasing from 70.23% to around 77.5%. The constituency was previously held by former Cabinet Minister and Interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose.

26-year-old Conservative candidate Dane Lloyd – a Military Reservist and recent parliamentary assistant to Conservative MP Michael Cooper easily won the seat.

Both the NDP and Liberals saw their vote decline.

Quebec – Lac-Saint-Jean

In Quebec, the Liberals took a riding previously held by Conservative Denis Lebel. Lebel had won 33.3% in 2015, narrowly beating the NDP candidate who won 28%.

But this time, with Lebel no longer running, the Conservative vote fell to 24.8%, a distant second to Liberal candidate Richard Hébert who won with 38.6%.

The Bloc got 23.5%, while the NDP fell all the way to 11.7%, a massive collapse that will begin to raise questions about Jagmeet Singh’s ability to hold onto NDP support in Quebec.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter/Facebook

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Why is Quebec so blind to keep voting in Liberals seeing whag is bappeninb i tbeir province with all the illegal migrantsmis beyond me.


I agree I cannot believe anyone in and PROVINCE or across CANADA can vote liberal period!


Suzanne, I will Never Understand how the Province of Quebec can be so blind, deaf and ignorant as to what is Happening in their Province and all across Canada. What will it take for them to STOP voting for these Traitors, Liars, Terrorist Sympathizers, Cheaters, and a Party who does NOT care about Quebec or Any Canadian in this Once GREAT Country!

jack grandville

This is not untypical of politics — the Quebec vote was one of hardcore political campaigning and the Alberta one was, in all likelihood a presumed win, considering the provincial mood with their present government.

Colyne Gibbons

Follow the money!!