DECEPTIVE: #MoneybagsMorneau Releases Fiscal Update, No Timetable For Ending Budget Deficits

The dishonest Trudeau government has lied so often that nobody believes their claims anymore.

As I said yesterday, there’s no reason to trust anything the Trudeau government says. That’s why the promises and projections they make in the fiscal update should be taken as a political message, not facts.

Moneybags Morneau is claiming that a “strong” economy will lead to an additional $46.6 billion in revenue over the next five years.

Yet, despite that projection – which leaves out the possibility of a recession caused by rising interest rates and the danger of record-high household debt, not to mention weak exports and billions in lost energy project investment – the government refuses to give any timeline on bringing budget deficits to an end.

Here’s what Moneybags said:

“As we invest directly in Canadians and their families, we have an immediate impact on the economy. Our strong fiscal position allows us to do what other countries would like to do, but can’t afford to do.”

Video from the fiscal update:

If you have trouble watching the video, click here.

No reason to trust what Moneybags Morneau says

All governments and political parties lie. Yet, the Trudeau government has taken things to a new level, turning deception into the norm. That’s why there’s no reason for us to believe any promises they make on policy or any of the economic projections they make. 

After all, the Trudeau government was supposed to run three small deficits, and be headed into balance next year. That promise has been totally betrayed.

So, regardless of what they say to the public, we know that behind the scenes the Trudeau government is doing everything possible to screw over working-class and middle-class Canadians in order to benefit the well-connected elites.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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