NEW POLITICS: Environment Minister McKenna Tells Canadians NOT To Follow Her On Twitter

More “openness and transparency” from the Trudeau government.

The Trudeau government came to power promising a “New Politics” of openness and transparency.

Instead, they’ve delivered secrecy, deception, and arrogance.

A case of that arrogance was on display recently on Twitter, as Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said the following:

So much for “openness and transparency.” Now we have “there is no requirement that you follow me. In fact, please don’t.”

As you can imagine, the response from many Canadians was swift:

We know that as a government minister, McKenna represents all Canadians, even those who disagree with her. When she makes a statement, she is speaking on behalf of the government.

McKenna telling Canadians not to follow her if they want to express disagreement with her views shows that Justin Trudeau’s dismissive arrogance is now extending throughout the entire government.

It’s the opposite of what Canadians were promised, and it shows that the government is interested only in listening to those who already agree with them. That attitude was summed up perfectly in the following tweet:

Canadians deserve better from our government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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well there is one thing in their favor , corrupt and deceiptful LIBERALS …they are very consistent in their NOT fulfilling their promises …

jack grandville

This is completely understandable — she is a Liberal — that is the full explanation — and, in her myopic view, she has adorned herself in typical Liberal style — “Don’t bother me, I already know the answer and you don’t.”


Liberals do not have the Right Answer to Any Question. As a matter of fact, they have learned from their Lying Leader Trudeau to NEVER answer a question. If they are asked a question, they give the same answer time and time again, without answering the Question. Liberals are Pathetic!

Dieter Kapelsky

Ann You so wright……

Ron Hazelwood

My reply to Climate Barbie was: Climate Barbie when you have something intelligent to say I promise I will not slam your tweet.


Might need to wait a while then. This woman is not with smarts. She is ridiculously out of her league. A twit on Twitter, for sure.

alan skelhorne

this is another liberal tactic, they are very closed when people are disagreeing with them. in otherwords these sqounderels need to be silenced next electil, however, i do believe its too late, its already being rigged. like for instance, in august when trudeau told to nenshi in calagary, not too worry about not being mayor, i will take care of it. so the next election is doomed my opinion.


The LIBERAL indoctrination is simple:
“Even though people try to explain to Climate Minister McKenna important information about climate science and energy policies, she refuses to listen to anyone considered a “climate denier” – aka anyone who disagrees with her, even if they are qualified experts in science or energy policies.”

Sandra Clark

“For those who express outrage & slam every single of my tweets, there is no requirement that you follow me. In fact, please don’t” My answer to that is…then you won’t have many followers, will you? WOW!! What arrogance. We…the Tax Payers, who pay “your” wages and all Government Employee’s, plus your benefits, your office upgrades, trips and all the other extra’s you get, which are numerous, have every right to express outrage on how “You” and the Liberals are spending and wasting our hard earned dollars or how you are running our Country. If we wish to disagree then… Read more »

Miles Lunn

Yeah she comes across as pretty arrogant. The good news is using a uniform swing based on recent polls, I show four Liberal cabinet ministers in Ontario losing their seats including hers. Three to the Tories (Karina Gould, Jane Phippott, and Maryam Monsef) while one to the NDP (none other than Catherine McKenna). If she cannot handle criticism then resign. Politics means having a thick skin and willing to deal with and accept many will not like you.