SCHEER: “You Cannot Trust Justin Trudeau To Give You A Tax Break”

Conservative Leader slams Trudeau’s fiscal update.

Andrew Scheer slammed the fiscal update released by the Trudeau government, going after Trudeau for protecting his family fortune and “his millionaire finance minister.” Scheer added that, “the reality is, this Liberal Prime Minister only backs down from his tax hikes when he’s caught.”

Watch Scheer’s remarks below:

If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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The issue is WHO CAN RUN THE COUNTRY BETTER …not who can give us more ??? everyone needs more … and it is totally impossible for every citizen to get more regardless of what he she contributes ………but only the party who can make Canada prosper , ACCORDING TO CANADIAN VALUES , is the party that should lead.. and that is NOT justin trudeau , the drama teacher …

Allan Holt

if you want to speak to me speak to me in english…french is fine in quebec and france…not B.C.