VIDEO: Trudeau Won’t Say If He Knew Moneybags Morneau Kept Morneau-Shepell Stock

Trudeau stuck to his talking points instead.

In Question Period, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer took on Justin Trudeau on whether he knew if Moneybags Morneau had kept his Morneau-Shepell stock, even as the government was making decisions that could impact the price of Morneau-Shepell shares.

Watch the exchange below:

If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Why won’t Trudeau say what he knew?

Aside from the dishonesty of Trudeau’s talking point-filled ‘answer’, he completely avoided the question. That avoidance will lead many Canadians to wonder if he has something to hide when it comes to Moneybags Morneau.

Our country deserves answers.

Spencer Fernando

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