Catalonia VP Says His Party Will “Work Toward Building A Republic”

As Spain moves towards asserting control over Catalonia, there are tensions emerging within the regional government over whether to definitively declare independence.

As events in Spain move closer and closer to a total showdown between the Spanish government and the Catalan regional government, there appear to be growing tensions within the Catalan governing coalition.

Oriol Junqueras – the Catalan Vice Presidentsays the regional government will reject Spain’s demand to hold a snap election, and will instead move towards independence.

Junqueras says his political party will “work toward building a republic because we understand that there is a democratic mandate to establish such a republic.”

Added Junqueras, “We also understand that the Spanish government is giving us no other option than to defend the civil rights and citizens’ rights through the best tools that our institutions have.”

Meanwhile, Catalonian President Carles Puigdemont has not signaled that an independence declaration is inevitable, and some suspect that he may call a regional election in an effort to step back from the brink.

When all is said and done, the Spanish government retains the upper hand for a very simple reason: They have more guns and more money. Whatever niceties we try to use to cover up the way civilization works, weapons and financial power still determine who wins and who loses.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube