DISTURBING: 60 Potential ISIS Fighters Have Returned To Canada, Yet The Government Hasn’t Jailed Them

How is it possible that those who fought for ISIS are just allowed to walk back into Canada without being thrown in prison or deported?

The disturbing weakness of the government continues, as they appear to be passively sitting back as people who fought for ISIS come back into our country.

According to a recent report, 60 people suspected as participating in “terrorism-related activities” have returned to our country. The government calls them “extremist travelers,” probably in an effort to downplay the threat of returning ISIS fighters.

As noted in the report, the 60 number “includes Canadians, permanent residents and those who have visited Canada multiple times.”


What makes this so disturbing is that the domestic danger may rise as ISIS is defeated overseas. Even without a geographical base, more and more Islamic State fighters will be leaving the middle east, and they could be a serious terrorist threat in Canada and countries around the world.

Canada has faced ISIS-inspired attacks, including the attack that killed Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, the Parliament Hill attack that killed Corporal Nathan Cirillo, and the recent Edmonton attack where an ISIS flag was found in the attackers car.

Jail and deport them

It’s a no brainer. Those who went overseas to fight for ISIS have no business coming back to Canada. Aside from Justin Trudeau and his pathetic “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” rhetoric, common-sense Canadians know that ISIS fighters should be in jail or somewhere other than Canada. After all, having Canadian citizenship doesn’t make it ok to join an organization that seeks the destruction of Canada.

The weakness of our government here is pathetic, and there is immense hypocrisy in how these ISIS supporters are being treated compared to how good, law-abiding Canadian citizens are treated. This was pointed out perfectly in a comment on a Global news story about returning ISIS fighters:

That post is 100% correct, and it shows a terrible hypocrisy in our government that must be brought to an end. The government should be respecting the rights of law abiding citizens and punishing those who wanted to fight for an enemy of freedom and enemy of Canada.

The Conservative opposition must immediately push for returning ISIS fighters to be jailed, or deported. Anything less is total weakness that puts Canadians at risks.

Spencer Fernando

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alan skelhorne

they are trudeaus followers, nothing can be done.


Unfortunately for Big Sweden too many of its citizens are fine with being nice guys and welcoming everyone regardless of risk. That, and the fact that we no longer follow this country’s founding Judeo-Christians principles firmly means we have nothing to fight for.

Take away God, and you leave a void to be filled with…what? Communism? Nihilism? Secularism? None of these ideologies we will die for.

Secularism can’t even stand up to Islam, because it has no real founding principles to counter Islam’s religious-political combination.


But the virtue signaling Tiny Potato will preach his “ a Canadian is a Canadian” mantra even though these ISIS dudes are murderous barbaric terrorists. God help us because Trudeau and Goodale are not up to the job. Oh, and hold onto your wallets Canada. Little Potato Head will try to buy their compliance.


Trudeau’s not alone in this, they’re doing the same thing in England; returning terrorists aren’t punished, they’re ‘re-integrated’. I don’t know what vision ‘they’ have for the future of our countries, or who’s benefiting, but I suspect it’s going to get f*cking ugly. I also wonder who’s going to benefit from the anti-Muslim backlash, which will be unfortunate but can’t possibly be unexpected.


Why doesn’t the “joker” let them stay with him at his home?


Why are the conservatives now saying anything about this?

Old Canadian Patroit

Trudeau is a Soros puppet and a traitor. Aiding in bring down Canada.


I can see a whole bunch of $10 million being payed out again.


It couldn’t be more obvious that that imbecile trudeau is an enemy of freedom and an enemy of Canada. He is also an absolute nightmare for Canada as he rewards terrorists and pushes an islamist agenda.

jack grandville

Frank, how could you? I wanted to say that.


so true Canadians are muted when it comes to reality.

Donna Brenie

The US better build a northern wall too. Maybe these terrorists are waiting for their $10.5 payouts for each of them.


Most of our conservative opposition are weak cowards (including the leader) who are afraid to be called racist.

pamela kingwell

I agree with you.

jack grandville

Me. too.


I wish we would deported trudeau and take his cabinet, send them to iran see how long they will last.bring soros as well

sonia robertson

The ones that went to fight with Isis should not be put in jails. why should we have to pay to feed them. they should all be put on a plane and flown back to were they came from. Also their Citizenship should be taken away so they can’t come back.they thought it was so great in the middle east let them stay there !!!!!!!!!

jack grandville

Boy, it’s easy to see you are no benevolent Liberal — but you most assuredly are correct, Sonia.


The government is legally liable for any crimes they commit, we have no way of knowing if those people are serial rapists, murders etc. Hence it appalls me that our government treats lawful gun owners like criminals but hard core Islamists as law abiding citizens.


These people have committed treason by leaving our country to fight for an enemy. Treason is an offense still punishable by deathl Why have their passports not been revoked when they left? Why are they allowed back? Why have they not been stripped of Canadian Citizenship?

jack grandville

Why you ask — because our government is truly anti-Canadian and they go out of their way to demonstrate that reality daily — Liberalism is a contagious disease and, once stricken with it, there is no escape back to reality — from then on you dance along with your cohorts down the ‘yellow brick road.’