GOOD IDEA: New Zealand Is Banning Foreign Home Ownership, Canada Should Do The Same

The new government of New Zealand plans to introduce legislation that will ban people living in foreign countries from buying existing homes in the country.

It’s good – and rare – to see a government take action to put the financial interests of their own citizens ahead of the interests of the globalist elites.

So, the fact that New Zealand is planning to ban foreign home ownership is great to hear.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister-Elect Jacinda Ardern plans to bring in legislation what will ban people not living in New Zealand from purchasing existing homes in the country.

Said Ardern, “We have agreed on banning the purchase of existing homes by foreign buyers.” Ardern also announced plans to reduce immigration and focus government policy on the creation of jobs.

The New Zealand plan is gaining attention in Canada, with the BC Green Party leader expressing support for it.

“It’s not about stopping people from owning homes who live here and pay taxes,” said Andrew Weaver. “It’s about ensuring British Columbians can live in homes in British Columbia. When we turn our real estate sector into one for speculation as opposed to living, we have a problem.”

Vancouver has taken a small step in that direction, with a plan to market new projects only to locals for the first 30 days, metro area residents in the next 60, and then open up marketing fully after.

Canadian citizens first

While many of the globalist elites in Canada will surely panic at the idea of such a proposal, the government is certainly within their right to ban foreigners from buying property. After all, rights and privileges within our country apply to our citizens, not the entire world.

It is unacceptable that Canada (and Vancouver particularly), has become a market where prices are driven up massively by wealthy foreigners buying up tons of property – which they then often don’t even live in. It’s getting tougher and tougher for working-class and middle-class Canadian citizens to afford to buy a home or apartment in Vancouver and much of our country, which is a total disgrace.

All Canadian cities should be relatively affordable for Canadian citizens, and we must not let foreign speculators unbalance housing markets within our nation.

Spencer Fernando

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Miles Lunn

I think a tax is better. If a vacant lot, then yes or at least force them to rent it out. However what if someone is a part time resident otherwise they want it as a vacation home or they do a lot of business in Vancouver so want a place to stay instead of having to stay at a hotel, I think any foreign ownership restrictions should exempt those. Otherwise a better solution is require a minimum number of days of use so if one is saying using it for 90 days of the year I think that should… Read more »

Pauline Loney

This foreign home ownership has been a problem in Canada for a while. It is too bad we have to see the example set by New Zealand to start to get enthused about making changes to remedy the situation. Home owners in greater Vancouver and the GTA have been affected by this anomaly for quite a while. Let us get behind those who are working toward changing this situation to a more viable option!


Well this is certainly not news that Liberals will proclaim planetwide …GREAT for New Zealand and their loyalty to their own !!


Canada 1st, always.