LOL: Morneau Says Ethics Rules “Work” After Voting Against Closing Loophole

The Finance Minister seems just fine with the current state of ethics rules. What a shock…

Morneau – who already spent two years potentially putting himself in a huge conflict of interest by using a loophole to keep his sharessaid the following:

“The rules work, but what we will consider in my situation is how the population can be absolutely certain there will be no possibility of a conflict.” 

Added Morneau, “That’s why I will do more than the recommendations. That’s why I will work with the ethics commissioner to make sure that the situation that I have had over the past two years, without a conflict, will continue with the confidence of Canadians.”


We know that if the rules worked, Morneau wouldn’t have been able to use the “Moneybags Loophole” to put his Morneau-Shepell shares in a private company that he controlled.

After all, the entire point conflict of interest rules is to make sure that a minister can’t be in a position to financially benefit from their work as a member of the government.

Clearly, Morneau’s use of the Moneybags Loophole violated the spirit of the rules, and all Canadians know it.

Yet, the Trudeau government voted against a motion supported by the NDP and Conservatives that would have closed the loophole.

As a result of that vote, it seems Morneau and the Trudeau Liberals think the rules work just fine because it lets them keep benefiting from their time in government in a way that certainly violates the idea behind ethics rules in the first place.

This is no surprise. Even as Morneau says he will meet with the Ethics Commissioner, it seems like that visit will be just about optics and trying to make a bad story go away, instead of finally showing some accountability to Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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