VIDEO: Scheer Vs. Trudeau On Bombardier & Morneau-Shepell

Trudeau somehow thinks Bombardier giving the C Series to Airbus is “good news.”

Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau sparred in question period over when Trudeau was first made aware that Moneybags Morneau could have a conflict of interest with the $372.5 million Bombardier Bailout.

It turns out that Morneau-Shepell has a contract to run part of Bombardier’s pensions, meaning Moneybags could have seen a possible financial incentive in pushing for the Bombardier Bailout. This adds yet another potential conflict of interest to a Finance Minister who has already shredded his credibility.

Scheer also pointed out that Bombardier’s deal to give the C Series to Airbus will create jobs in Alabama and give the Europeans the benefit of a plane Canadian taxpayers funded.

Watch Scheer vs Trudeau below:


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Bombardier’s elitist ownership benefits, Canadian taxpayers and workers pay the price

The fact that Justin Trudeau tried to make the Bombardier C Series surrender to Airbus seem like good news is crazy. It’s bad new for the country. Canadian taxpayers spent tons and tons of money shoveling cash into Bombardier to keep it afloat, then Bombardier went and gave up Canadian ownership of their best asset. 

While the deal benefits Bombardier’s elitist owners (and probably people like Bill Morneau), it’s a bad omen for Canada’s economic future and ability to compete. Any attempt to portray it otherwise is dishonest.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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