VIDEO: Scheer Vs. Trudeau On Bombardier & Morneau-Shepell

Trudeau somehow thinks Bombardier giving the C Series to Airbus is “good news.”

Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau sparred in question period over when Trudeau was first made aware that Moneybags Morneau could have a conflict of interest with the $372.5 million Bombardier Bailout.

It turns out that Morneau-Shepell has a contract to run part of Bombardier’s pensions, meaning Moneybags could have seen a possible financial incentive in pushing for the Bombardier Bailout. This adds yet another potential conflict of interest to a Finance Minister who has already shredded his credibility.

Scheer also pointed out that Bombardier’s deal to give the C Series to Airbus will create jobs in Alabama and give the Europeans the benefit of a plane Canadian taxpayers funded.

Watch Scheer vs Trudeau below:


If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Bombardier’s elitist ownership benefits, Canadian taxpayers and workers pay the price

The fact that Justin Trudeau tried to make the Bombardier C Series surrender to Airbus seem like good news is crazy. It’s bad new for the country. Canadian taxpayers spent tons and tons of money shoveling cash into Bombardier to keep it afloat, then Bombardier went and gave up Canadian ownership of their best asset. 

While the deal benefits Bombardier’s elitist owners (and probably people like Bill Morneau), it’s a bad omen for Canada’s economic future and ability to compete. Any attempt to portray it otherwise is dishonest.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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It is beyond comprehension why the Opposition continue to question Trudeau, McKenna, Morneau, Khalid or any of the Liberal Ministers. They know full well the response will have little if anything to do with the question and that it won’t be intelligent. The Speaker must charge the Liberals with wasting the time of all Parliamentarians and of the entire House of Commons organization.

Liberals, led by the Member from Papineau, are clearly a waste of taxpayer money and should be thrown out. Trudeau in particular has no respect whatsoever for Canadians.

Lian Walton

The good news Canadians expect will be for you and your entitled ministers to do the right thing and step away from politics .

Menno Zacharias

Don’t you just love the arrogance of politicians who when asked a question in variably shift the attention to another issue and totally fail to answer the question asked.

don morris

Once again Trudeau avoided answering the question,for the 700th time. Someone should compile a montage of videos showing Trudeau answering questions,as he never does answer the question,but the politicians and the media have allowed this farce to continue. Scheer has to demand answers and point out that the PM did NOT answer the question,just as Mulcair did recently. Don’t just skip to the next item,force him to display his ineptitude by saying repeatedly,”again the PM has avoided the question.Mr.PM why won’t you answer the question,or are you incapable of answering it”? The Opposition has to pound on this theme and… Read more »


exactly, why aren’t Canadians screaming about this government!!


Del you are so right and if Andrew Sheer what’s to win the election in 2019. He needs to get tough and have a strong defence and counter charge all of Trudeau answers. He will not win the votes with smiles and dimples. He must become like Samson and go after Trudeau with sling. He has one shot at this to make the people see through Trudeau’s self images and his feminist ways to open the eyes of true Canadians, so they can see the real image of Trudeau.

June C Dobson

demand over and over till trudeau gets off of his A-S and answers the question,,,he isn’t being paid to sit there like a dummy and say nothing,,, tax payers could care less about his hair or his socks for that matter,, that is not why he is being paid a healthy wage,,, to answer to Canadians is his JOB, not sure he knows what the word “JOB” means,,,he should be told,, we the tax payers are his boss,, so he should shape up or ship out,, easy as that,,,his decision,,,,,,,