WATCH: NDP MP Says Finance Minister “Has Used Public Policy For His Own Advantage”

Canadians can see that Bill Morneau and the Trudeau government serve the Bay Street elites at the expense of working-class and middle-class people.

In Question Period, NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice ripped into the Trudeau government and Bill Moneybags Morneau over Bill C-27, legislation which could benefit Morneau-Shepell and boost the price of Morneau-Shepell.

After all, Morneau said he would put those shares in a blind trust, but never did.

Boulerice asked when the Trudeau Liberals would stop working for their Bay Street friends.

Watch Trudeau’s response below:

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Opposition united against Trudeau government ethics problems

While the NDP and Conservatives often disagree, both parties have united in their efforts to fight the Trudeau Liberals ethics problems. Just last night, the NDP introduced a motion that would have closed the “Moneybags Loophole” used by Bill Morneau to avoid putting his shares in a blind trust. The Conservatives joined the NDP and supported the bill.

Yet, the Trudeau Liberals voted against it, demonstrating their contempt for Canadians and disregard for basic ethical principles.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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