Conservatives Rip Trudeau For Gap Between Debt Promise & Debt Reality

Trudeau’s broken promise will mean tens of billions more debt to be paid off by future generations of Canadians.

The Trudeau government doesn’t want Canadians to remember what they said in the 2015 campaign. After all, they ran on three short deficits of no more than $10 billion per year.

Yet, after totally betraying that promise, and running deficits of over $20 billion per year, the Trudeau government is actually trying to get “credit” for lower deficit numbers.

It’s total BS. If you make a promise and then break it, you can’t get credit for what happens next. Especially when what happens next is billions of dollars more debt being thrown on the backs of the next generation. And unlike the Harper government that had to deal with the war in Afghanistan and then the global economic crisis, Trudeau was handed a balanced budget and a stable global economy.

That means Trudeau’s debt increases are a choice, not a necessity, and the Conservatives are hitting Trudeau for it. Here’s what Andrew Scheer said on Twitter after the Trudeau fiscal update showed continued red ink:

“Justin Trudeau’s fiscal update yesterday showed that his Liberals have no plan to return Canada’s budget to balance. Ever. Trudeau has made the decision that our kids and grandkids will pay the bill for his out-of-control spending. This is wrong, and Canada’s Conservatives will continue to stand up for hardworking Canadians.”

The Conservatives also released the following graphic:

Conservatives Rip Trudeau For Gap Between Debt Promise & Debt Reality

The more debt Canada faces, the less money there is for healthcare, roads, the military, and everything else. It also means higher taxes and slower future growth. That’s’ why Canada must get our fiscal health in order, and why Trudeau must be defeated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Does he plan to get billions from his useless Justin Trudeau Carbon Tax? That theft has nothing to do with climate, it is simply theft with a different name. I live in BC and there is no difference in the air from before the asinine carbon tax.

Wynne, the Ontario Liberal, claimed she wanted clean air for her grand daughter using “Green” energy. Unfortunately, if the Province and Country haven’t failed by then, the little girl will have most of her income grabbed to pay Wynne’s massive debt.