Desperate Morneau Claims He’ll Donate Part Of Morneau-Shepell Share Proceeds

After all the lies from Moneybags, Canadians will only believe it when we see it.

As Bill Morneau scrambles to salvage his political career, he says he will donate part of the proceeds from the sale of Morneau-Shepell shares.

The Canadian Press says “Morneau tells the House of Commons he will donate the difference in the value of his Morneau Shepell shares between the date they were sold and the date he was elected in 2015.”

Monreau made the claim as he continues to face questions about the close relationship between Morneau-Shepell and numerous parts of the federal government.

As revealed by journalist Candice Malcolm, the “Bank of Canada is not the only government agency using the services of Morneau Shepell, the Sun has learned. At least four other federal departments and agencies have ongoing contracts with Morneau Shepell, the human resources firm formerly run by Finance Minister Bill Morneau. The accumulated value of these various contracts is about $14 million.”

The Senate, CRA, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Canada Post, all have contracts with Morneau-Shepell. This means conflict of interest questions surrounding Morneau aren’t going away, no matter how much Morneau wants to make people stop remembering.

No reason to trust Morneau

Considering the fact that Morneau let everyone have the impression that he put his shares in a blind trust when he knew he was using a loophole, there’s no reason to trust that Morneau will donate the money he claims. He can’t just say “the cheque is in the mail,” he will need to provide the Canadian people with proof.

And even if the donation is made, it doesn’t obscure the fact that Morneau was acting as finance minister in a way that could benefit him and his corporation. After all, even if he does give up his share profits since taking office, his company is still more well-connected and influential than ever before, and they won’t be giving that up anytime soon.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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