POLL: Trudeau’s Lead In Ontario Evaporates, Bloc Rises In Quebec

Conservative support in Ontario is up 7 points compared to the election, while the Liberals hold the lead over a resurgent Bloc Quebecois in Quebec.

A new Abacus Data poll shows the Liberals with a 4 point lead over the Conservatives nationwide, while their advantage in Ontario has been erased.

Here are some of the key numbers:

  • Nationwide, the Liberals have 39%, the Conservatives 35%, the NDP 15%, and the Greens & Bloc 5% each.
  • In Ontario, the Liberals and Conservatives are tied at 42%. The Liberals are down 9 points in a month in that province.
  • In Quebec, the Liberals lead the Bloc 44% to 23%, while the Conservatives and NDP have 14% and 13% respectively. This is a big surge for the Bloc, who went from 13% to 23% in one month.

Wynne weighs down federal liberals

The poll shows Kathleen Wynne with a massive disapproval rating of 71%. The numbers are truly amazing:

  • 53% of Ontarians strongly disapprove of the Wynne government.
  • 18% somewhat disapprove.
  • 16% are neutral.
  • 11% somewhat disapprove.
  • Just 1% strongly approve.

Among those who strongly disapprove of the Wynne government, the Conservatives lead by 28 points. This shows the importance of the Conservatives consistently linking the Trudeau government to the Wynne government. After all, the same policies that have caused so much damage in Ontario are the policies that Trudeau and Gerald Butts are trying to implement across the country.

That means more damage to the energy industry, higher taxes, more regulations, and a giant increase in debt. Making the connection between Wynne and Trudeau is essential to reducing Trudeau’s popularity.

Bad news for Jagmeet Singh

Coming in the wake of the Quebec byelection that saw the NDP vote collapse, the poll is bad news for Jagmeet Singh. Not only did the NDP not get a bump from their new leader, they actually lost support, falling from 17% to 15%.

While it’s still very early in his time as NDP leader, he’s not off to a good start.

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Miles Lunn

Agreed although Wynne will likely get turfed next June nonetheless certainly remind people of the damage the OLP caused to Ontario. Also the Tories would benefit from greater voting split as 42% in Abacus or 40% in Nanos is only a few points short of the 44.4% Harper got in 2011, the main difference is when Harper won his majority the opposition was split evenly between the NDP at 25.6% and Liberals at 25.4% whereas now the non-Tory vote is overwhelmingly Liberal


Justin will increase his votes by the illegals as their dedication and thank you for what he has done for them. So losing votes here or there means nothing to him.
If Justin and liberals were THAT troubled by the vote count in the polls, they would have fired the finance minister by now, clean our borders, respect the Canadians’ safety first before the illegals and so on. But the liberals have yet to do anything which means, he has plans for his next election.

Bob Fry

Interesting article on percentage points of approvals for the Federal parties. Curious that the information stops at Ontario, Surprise, Surprise this survey doesn’t take into account Western Canada and the Territories. But then by the time we vote the election is over. So why would you survey anyone from the Western country. Maybe it is time to seriously look at separation, Justin Trudeau gave up 20% GDP of the Federal Revenues from Oil & Gas and instead the Liberal’s went out and borrowed a slight amount of money $ 35 Billion Dollars. I do not know anyone whoever was contacted… Read more »