REPORT: U.S. Negotiators Offering Canada Nothing In Return For NAFTA Concession Demands

Looks like the negotiations aren’t going well.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says the United States is offering no concessions in return for the concessions they are demanding from Canada and Mexico.

Said Ross, “We’re trying to do a difficult thing. We’re asking two countries to give up some privileges that they have enjoyed for 22 years. And we’re not in a position to offer anything in return. So that’s a tough sell. And I don’t know that we’ll get every single thing we want. The question is, will we get enough to make it worthwhile.”

While Ross’ comments make it appear the U.S. is willing to settle for less than their official list of demands, the approach of asking for concessions without expressing a willingness to reciprocate makes the talks very difficult.

Much of the issue is political, as neither the Canadian or Mexican government can afford to be seen as bowing down to U.S. demands without getting any benefit in return, while the Trump Administration wants a clear “win.”

As a result, both Canada and Mexico will likely reject the U.S. approach once again, in order to save face and protect national interests.

If that happens, the U.S. response will give a clue as to whether the negotiations can lead to an improved agreement, or whether the U.S. is really seeking to ensure the negotiations fail and bring about the end of NAFTA.

Watch some of Ross’s comments below:

Spencer Fernando

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OK Spencer, so you know, I totally respect/follow all your views/commentaries. But, is this you saying “in order to save face and protect national interests” ? Protect national interests (????) while Trudeau is selling Cda to China ? You just finished writing an article on him (to approve or not) an article on selling a high tech company to China. Previously, another article on him selling off a high security company ? You bash Trudeau (I totally agree) then get PO’d on the USA NAFTA negotiations? Unfortunately, being a Cdn from birth, I back Trump before Trudeau. Which is it… Read more »