ALBERTA POLL: United Conservatives Have Massive Lead Over NDP

A new poll shows the United Conservative Party dominating the political landscape, with the NDP in huge trouble.

The poll was administered by students at Lethbridge College, and shows the NDP on the verge of electoral annihilation. Here are the results:

  • United Conservative Party – 55.8%
  • NDP – 19.3%
  • Liberals – 12.8%
  • Alberta Party – 5.8%

One surprise in the poll is that in Edmonton – where the NDP usually leads – The UCP is in first place.

If such results were repeated in an election campaign, the NDP would be virtually wiped-out, with almost every seat in the province going to the United Conservatives.

All of this is before the UCP even has a leader.

The poll does show that the UCP has not fully consolidated the combined Wildrose & NDP vote, as noted by associate professor of political science at Mount Royal University Lori Williams:

“The total number is lower by about 8.3 percent, so what that means is that not all former PCs or Wildrose voters support the new united conservative party, and that’s without even knowing who the leader is.”

However, the UCP doesn’t need to consolidate the entire centre-right vote, just a solid majority of it, and the poll shows that the UCP is doing just that. Additionally, the incredibly low numbers for the NDP show that a clear majority of Albertans have no interest in seeing another NDP government take power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter