Catalonia Declares Independence, Spain To Impose Direct Rule

Less than an hour after the Catalonian Parliament voted to declare independence, the Spanish Senate authorized the central government to impose direct rule over the region.

The time for political posturing has come to an end in Spain. Both sides have now laid their cards on the table.

Catalonia’s Parliament has declared independence, seeking to become a fully autonomous and independent nation.

However, less than an hour after that declaration, the Spanish Senate gave the government of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy the authority to impose direct rule over Catalonia, which would strip the Catalonian government of all authority.

Both the United States and European Union have said they support a united Spain, and will only deal with the Spanish government.

Independence declaration likely doomed

While thousands poured into the streets shouting “liberty” and waving Catalonian flags, the independence declaration is likely doomed for a very simple reason: The Spanish government has the money and the guns.

They will impose direct control over security forces in the region, they control the armed forces, and they control the finances of the nation. Additionally, the Supreme Court has ruled against the Catalonian referendum that led to the independence declaration.

This doesn’t change the fact that Catalonia has legitimate grievances and it’s quite possible a majority of Catalonians want to be an independent nation. But, it does mean that the independence declaration is likely to lead only to the replacement of the Catalonian leadership with a government that submits to the will of Spain.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube