REPORT: Man In Gatineau, Quebec Charged With Assaulting His Daughter For Removing Hijab

The authorities are calling it a case of “honour-based” violence.

It is being reported that a “Quebec man” has been charged with assaulting his daughter for over a year.

According to a Canadian Press report, “Gatineau police said Friday their investigation suggests the level of violence escalated once the man discovered the girl was removing her hijab when she was away from the family home.”

The authorities are not releasing the name of the man in order to protect the identity of the alleged victim.

The arrest was made on Wednesday, and the teenage girl has now been removed from her family and taken to youth protection.

In court, the 35-year-old man was charged with assault, assault with a weapon, and uttering threats.

This news comes as there is an increasing debate in Quebec and across Canada about how far the government should go in protecting western values against ideologies and attitudes (including fundamentalist Islamism) that are at odds with western norms.

Many point out that politicians – especially those who virtue-signal as “feminists,” rarely – if ever – are willing to stand up for their stated principles when crimes are committed by certain groups, thus exposing their total hypocrisy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Wikipedia

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Allan Rogan

I still waiting for justin to honour his statement that he will honour the oath he swore to when he stepped up as prime minister to secure the country,the constitution,and its citizens,and if any citizen caused to be fearfull directly or indirectly by any actions on the part of these rfugeez,he would hold himself personally accountable to the people

alan skelhorne

well allan rogan, forget about trudeau doing that, he is all talk, with no substance. need i say more.

jack grandville

He is still trying to find out what the word ‘honour’ means — he is wondering if there is any money involved that he could steal.

Jay Jamieson

Here’s a girl who doesn’t choose to wear the hijab ( an islamic militantcy symbol) and we find that it’s really the Dad who is dictating her ‘ choice’ . SURPRISE ! Men who force their daughters to wear restrictive clothing such as hijabs, should get a life! They are such cowards…have such pitiful egos…making their girls go out into the world wearing a ‘militant symbol ‘ just to make a statement that HE wants to make….using her! Why doesn’t he wear one if he wants to ‘ make a statement’ ?


There is one solution and only one, otherwise we will wrestle with this kind of behaviors eternally. New immigrants must take compulsory courses on Canadian Values 101, courses that would be given right at the beginning. With attendance requirements and testing. Those who do not wish to integrate and learn the values do not need to stay in this country. We know of numerous willing immigrants who would be more than happy to live in an orderly society with the existing rules. Unfortunately, those who do not want to integrate are known to be racist people. Aside from treason, anything… Read more »

Jay Jamieson

The easier path would be to stop all muslim immigration…full stop. Canada has a small population, but thanks to our parents and grandparents who sacrificed so much to defend our unique advanced CIVILIZATION we have attained an enviable state, but it can be easily wrecked/trashed ! Our forefathers will have given their lives in vain. There are plenty of non-muslims in the world who need a new country. South America is full of Christians whi will integrate from day one.

Old Canadian Patroit

What a terrible mess Justine has made of our beautiful country. All Canadians take 5 steps backward. Shame on this horrible person who is not standing up for Canadian values and culture. He is deporeable.

Sandra Clark

Everything Trudeau said in order to get elected was all deception. He had no intention of keeping those promises. He manipulated Canadians. I hope all those who voted for him are happy. Why? Because you voted for a fool who has absolutely no interest in Canada and thinks that the Tax Payers money is his personal bank account to do with as “HE” pleases. Trudeau does as “HE” pleases all the time on everything. He wants to be loved by the world and will do anything for that love and adoration. If something sounds too good to be true….it’s not.… Read more »