REPORT: Man In Gatineau, Quebec Charged With Assaulting His Daughter For Removing Hijab

The authorities are calling it a case of “honour-based” violence.

It is being reported that a “Quebec man” has been charged with assaulting his daughter for over a year.

According to a Canadian Press report, “Gatineau police said Friday their investigation suggests the level of violence escalated once the man discovered the girl was removing her hijab when she was away from the family home.”

The authorities are not releasing the name of the man in order to protect the identity of the alleged victim.

The arrest was made on Wednesday, and the teenage girl has now been removed from her family and taken to youth protection.

In court, the 35-year-old man was charged with assault, assault with a weapon, and uttering threats.

This news comes as there is an increasing debate in Quebec and across Canada about how far the government should go in protecting western values against ideologies and attitudes (including fundamentalist Islamism) that are at odds with western norms.

Many point out that politicians – especially those who virtue-signal as “feminists,” rarely – if ever – are willing to stand up for their stated principles when crimes are committed by certain groups, thus exposing their total hypocrisy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Wikipedia