SURVEY: 70% Of Canadians Outside Quebec Support Ban On Face-Covering Similar To Bill 62

So, why aren’t more politicians standing up for the views of a clear majority of Canadians?

Despite the elitist media and weak political class almost universally condemning Bill 62, a new Angus Reid poll shows a clear majority of Canadians outside Quebec support similar legislation – as I said a week ago.

We already know that Canadians in Quebec overwhelmingly support bans on face-covering in certain situations. Now, it is clear that support extends across the country.

Angus Reid asked “And, suppose your own province was considering a similar law requiring people providing or receiving government services to do so with their faces uncovered. Would you support or oppose such a law in your own province.”

Here’s what Canadians outside Quebec think:

  • 45% strongly support such a law.
  • 25% moderately support such a law.
  • 15% moderately oppose such a law.
  • 14% strongly oppose a law.

Combined, 70% support such a law, while just 30% oppose it. And yet, notice how no political party outside Quebec has expressed support for such legislation. This is the gap between the elite political class (even some in the Conservatives), and the general opinions of Canadians.

To most of us, the idea that people should uncover their face in certain situations is simply common-sense. Yet, many politicians denounce it as “racist,” and cast it as an attack on Islam, despite the fact that many large Muslim-majority nations have such a ban, and despite the fact that the ban would apply to all types of face-coverings, not just those used by a certain faith.

That’s why it’s time for politicians to re-connect with the Canadian people, and start representing our views, instead of putting political correctness ahead of Canadian common-sense.

Spencer Fernando

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