TERRIBLE: Massive Canadian Engineering Company Taken Over By China

Aecon will be taken over by a Chinese company for $1.45 billion, as another pillar of Canada’s economy gets taken away by China.

The hollowing-out of Canada’s economy continues.

Yet another Canadian firm has been taken over by a company from China.

Aecon is one of the biggest Canadian-owned engineering firms, but has agreed to be taken over by CCCC International Holding – a Chinese firm.

Former Industry Minister under the Harper Government Tony Clement said the federal government should reject the sale:

“No country in the world – even in a western style democracy – would just let a takeover happen if it’s contrary to the national interest or the security interest of the country,” Clement told BNN in an interview. “Australia does the same thing, the U.K. does the same thing, the Americans do the same thing. So, I don’t think we should be bashful here in looking after our own interests.”

Trudeau government likely to approve the deal

Justin Trudeau never misses a chance to suck up to China, which is why it’s very unlikely he’ll block the takeover. After all, here was his response to the news:

“Obviously this is an extremely important issue. Canada as a general rule is open to investment,” he said. “[The Aecon sale] will be examined very carefully by the Investment Canada Act to ensure that safety and security is not being compromised and ensure that it is in the net benefit of Canadians.”


That doesn’t sound like somebody who is about to reject the deal.

What Trudeau and the other globalist elites fail to realize is that dealing with China means dealing with companies that are basically run by the Communist State. It’s not real market competition, and China uses their companies as instruments to enhance national power. By letting China take ownership of one of Canada’s top engineering firms, our nation will become weaker, and more vulnerable both strategically and economically.

Despite what the Bay Street elites might be saying, this deal is terrible news for Canada, and we should all speak out against it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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