BREAKING: Jason Kenney Wins Leadership Of United Conservative Party

Kenney received over 60% of the vote, with Brian Jean coming in second, and Doug Schweitzer coming in third.

Jason Kenney has won the leadership of the United Conservative Party, putting him on the path to become the next Premier of Alberta.

Here are the results:

  • Jason Kenney – 61.1%
  • Brian Jean – 31.5%
  • Doug Scheweitzer – 7.3%

Kenney, a former cabinet minister in the Harper government had previously won the leadership of the Alberta PC Party, and worked with Wildrose leader Brian Jean to merge the parties.

Kenney takes over a party with a dominating lead over the deeply-unpopular NDP government led by Rachel Notley.

Known as an extremely hard-working candidate, Kenney will now lead the charge to restore Alberta’s competitive advantage, balance the budget, lower taxes, and take the boot of government off the throat of the energy industry.

Just as importantly, Kenney will be a tough voice in opposition to the destructive policies of Justin Trudeau, who has destroyed tens of billions of dollars in energy industry investment, and killed thousands of jobs in Alberta and across Canada through taxes and regulations.

All of Canada will benefit if Kenney and the United Conservative Party win and restore the dynamism and strength of Alberta.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Dave Rodney/Twitter

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