CRAZY: Trudeau Giving Up To $480 MILLION In Taxpayer Money To China Infrastructure Bank

Massive budget bill C-63 gives the Trudeau government the authority to give hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars to the China-led Asian Infrastructure Bank (AIIB).

It has been revealed that Bill C-63 enacting measures from the March budget, will give the finance minister authority to transfer $480 million in taxpayer dollars from Canada to the Asian Infrastructure Bank run by China.

The government had already said they would give $256 million in taxpayer dollars over five years, and now they are laying the ground work to take even more from us.

Worst of all, not only is the bank not focused on funding infrastructure in Canada,“The bank is viewed as China’s counterweight to the U.S.-led World Bank and Japan’s Asian Development Bank. It is also part of China’s One Belt One Road policy of expanding its international influence through infrastructure.”

So, instead of deepening our ties with allied democratic nations, the Trudeau government is giving our taxpayer dollars to a bank controlled by a potential geopolitical adversary.


As noted by the Globe & Mail, both the Conservatives and NDP expressed concern about the move, especially since it’s being hidden within a 300 page budget bill (the kind of bill the Liberals once pledged never to bring in).

“If they’re proud of the policy, if it’s something that they’re wanting Canadians to know about, then don’t bury it in hundreds of pages,” said NDP MP Nathan Cullen. “This is clearly part of the China agenda with Trudeau. The challenge with that entire agenda is it’s been low on transparency and high on ambition. I think Canadians are right to raise concerns about what exactly it is that we’re offering to China.”

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre said, “If investors want to profit off infrastructure, that is fine. But they, not taxpayers, should take the financial risk. The Asian Infrastructure Bank is yet another Liberal handout to the world’s wealthy at taxpayers’ expense. … Investors get the profit and taxpayers get the financial risk of infrastructure megaprojects, many of which are not even in Canada.”

Disturbingly, the Liberals messaging around the bank includes the idea that it will “help the middle class around the world,” which should never be the focus of the Canadian government. It clearly shows the globalist agenda behind the Trudeau Liberals, and it’s why so many Canadians are deeply concerned by what the government is doing.

Every day seems to bring new revelations of how our country is being sold out to China, and it just keeps getting worse.

That’s why we must spread the truth to as many people as we can, to make sure Trudeau isn’t able to push his agenda through without Canadians knowing what’s really happening.

Spencer Fernando

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I wonder how much good that $480,000,000 would do for BC schools or more Canadian Doctors and nurses or protecting Canadian salmon?

You people in BC that voted Liberal have no right to be complaining about the broken promise for new schools or class sizes or the desperate need for the revenue from resources or the massive increase in car insurance. Your blessed liar, Trudeau, is happily giving away to Communist China and Hamas terrorists. Congratulations. You voted for them, you pay.



jack grandville

All you have to do is twist your mind around and see things from the Liberal point of view and your world will once again be pleasant — you might even get the chance to dance along the ‘yellow brick road,’ with ‘them.’


BC can choke on a fat one and die. i hope the feds a bendin you guys over and puttin it in dry. you deserve every thing you get.

Jay Jamieson

Trudeau says he wants to ” help the middle class AROUND THE WORLD ??!! What ? by giving away a half billion Cdn. dollars ( ie. borrowing the money, since we don’t have that kind of money) That is NOT the mandate the Liberals were given. One must believe now that there’s a big kickback for Trudeau in this immoral corrupt maneouvre.

Louis Joannette

My thinking still the same ; use that 480 millions to finish the pipeline east and whiting 3 to 5 years we will be able to buy China, and lot,s of small country in wich we will sell our oil , aluminium, food stuff ,elctronics, we could also install solar panels in country with no electricity or expensive for elc power , in exchange for whatever; crops, vegy , fish, ivorry wood ect. In CANADA we are starting in winter GROWING fruit and vegy , flower SPICE in , even pot in those glass bulding french word [ SERRE] THEY… Read more »

Sandra Clark

This is just stupid beyond belief and it’s getting worse every day. Trudeau must have thought he won the mega jackpot when he was elected. He just does not know how to stop his insanity and money grabbing. It’s one sh** show after another. He’s not running a Country. He’s ruining it, selling it or giving it away. What is wrong with this man?


Trudeau, his mind is warped beyond repair, if he had a brain he would sit on the floor and play with it.


This article just came out from Gatestone. What exactly are we paying for.

don morris

It gets worse,Trudeau is allowing the Chinese State to buy a Calgary construction firm that is one of Canada’s largest. The reason appears to be that the Chinese company has a bad international reputation ,so by buying up a Canadian company with a good rep,can increase China’s footprint in the construction business. It’s a 1.5 billion dollar deal.

Trudeau has been advised to proceed with caution on this,but we know he will automatically approve it as China wants. We have a child in the PM’s Office,and we are going to suffer for it.

Brian Richard Allen

Enraged and driven by Malignant-Envy-fueled self, own-culture and – invariably and inevitably (Witness Greenpeace) – own-species hate, Fascissocialist Psychosis sufferers are draw to other evil — and the more evil the better — as are flies to all that’s Left after fascist Leftards have held office and have wielded power.

And what, on Earth, is more evil than is Peking’s pack of perilously-pernicious plundering predators’ and its “people’s” pseudo “paradise?”

Brian Richard Allen

Bob Fry

Where does this Madness stop with Justin Trudeau and now his partner the Finance Minister. The decisions made by this Liberal Government are so far out of touch to helping Canadians. Where is all leading too, An Agenda that meets the U.N. Agenda 2030 for a One World Government, or is it simply Royalty class mentally, to improve their finances at Canadian Taxpayers expense. Their dodging of responding to questions by both Parliament and the Media is embarrassing, frustrating, and quite frankly creating anger from the taxpayer, 2019 cannot come to quickly for some Canadians, my question is has the… Read more »

Peter Fitzpatrick

China is under a HUGE Debt Load…..So we give them almost Half a Billion Dollars!! So they can manufacture all the goods HIS Rich Pal’s have Made in China for almost nothing, bring back to Canada with a 2 or 3000% mark-up for retail sales! INVEST IN “MADE IN CANADA”, PRODUCTS MADE BY CANADIAN PEOPLE FOR CANADIAN PEOPLE!! Bring Industry BACK to CANADA! Companies say it costs too much to make goods in CANADA……NO, THEY MAKE LESS PROFIT is what they mean to say! Money Made in Canada is Spent in Canada, and also Taxed in Canada…..Canadians get jobs, Quality… Read more »

Albert Balazs

trudeau must go he have no place in canada this guy destroying canada we must vote him out before its to late lets go protesting against him kick him out of country to cuba


My daddy took me here and there. I’m so smart and well traveled.
Where is my U.N. awards for helping everyone else except the poor middle class that is becoming lower and lower.