Does Trudeau Want NAFTA Negotiations To Fail?

Many are starting to think that he wants to run in 2019 against the U.S., and use the failure of NAFTA negotiations as an excuse to sell Canada out to China and his globalist elite buddies.

There’s been much talk about how the Trump Administration wants NAFTA to fail. This talk is likely correct, as Trump has made no secret of his desire to end NAFTA – which he calls the worst trade deal of all time.

However, there has been almost no discussion of another likely possibility: Justin Trudeau wants NAFTA to fail as well.

Consider this: Canada’s economy is already expected to slow down dramatically heading into 2019. The rising burden of debt, taxes, regulations, cancelled investments, and record-high household debt is putting Canada in a fragile position.

If NAFTA was renegotiated and continued, and Canada fell into recession or stagnation in 2019, Trudeau would be at serious risk of losing the election, as he would be seen as responsible for Canada’s economic struggles.

But, if NAFTA fails and the Canadian economy falls into recession, Trudeau may be able to blame the United States, which would give him some additional political room he wouldn’t have otherwise.

Also, Trudeau has been clear that he wants Canada to be dominated by China. His approval of China taking over numerous Canadian companies – including companies with serious implications for Canada’s national security and the security of our allies – combined with his fawning comments about China’s “basic dictatorship,” reveals that he would like to make Canada an economic colony of China, rather than a nation that stands on our own two feet.

The end of NAFTA would give Trudeau the excuse he’s been waiting for in order to “pivot” away from the U.S. and towards China.

As you can see in the Twitter poll below, many people agree that Trudeau wants NAFTA to fall apart (vote to see results):

Of course, we know that so-called “free trade” with China will accelerate the destruction of Canadian manufacturing and will decimate the middle class and working class, but Trudeau doesn’t care about that. The deal would make his globalist buddies far richer and far more powerful, and that’s all he really cares about.

Ironically, Trudeau is too afraid to give any impression that he is trying to make NAFTA fail, hence his unwillingness to prepare Canada in anyway for that possibility. Instead he spends his time virtue-signalling, playing political games, and laying out a political route for the end of the deal that he thinks could salvage his popularity, while still letting him claim he did everything to save it.

The U.S. will always be a closer ally to Canada than China

Most Canadians know that whether or not our country always agrees with the current U.S. administration, America’s values are always closer to ours than China will ever be, and America will always remain a closer friend than China ever could. Unfortunately, Trudeau’s anti-western social justice warrior mentality causes him to disdain the greatness of western civilization, and elevate foreign countries above our own and above the cultural principles we share with allies like the United States, Britain, Australia, and others.

So, as we watch Trudeau’s handling of NAFTA, we can see that while some of what he does may be incompetence, there’s a very good chance he wants the deal to fall apart in order to fulfill his true political agenda – an agenda he has never, and will never honestly share with the Canadian people.

There is still a chance that political pressure will stymie any attempt to end NAFTA, and Trudeau may have to seek his “pivot” to China in another way, but we shouldn’t be under the illusion that anything he does is about serving the interests of this country.

Spencer Fernando

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