Yet Another Poll Shows Nationwide Support For Bill 62

The elites are totally out-of-touch with the real views of Canadians.

As the elitist effort to demonize Bill 62 as “racist” continues, yet another poll shows a clear majority of Canadians in every province support legislation to ban face-veiling similar to the law brought in by Quebec.

The poll conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs and first reported by Global News showed the following results on whether people support or oppose legislation like Bill 62:

  • Canada-wide: 68% support, 32% oppose
  • British Columbia: 69% support, 31% oppose
  • Alberta: 64% support, 36% oppose
  • Saskatchewan & Manitoba: 69% support, 31% oppose
  • Ontario: 66% support, 34% oppose
  • Quebec: 76% support, 24% oppose
  • Atlantic Canada: 57% support, 43% oppose

As you can see, a majority of people in every part of the country support a ban on face-veiling similar to Bill 62.

Yet, many are realizing the odd fact that no federal political party is speaking out in favour of it. Even the Conservatives have refused, despite the fact that a huge majority of Conservative supporters are in favour of legislation like Bill 62, and despite the fact that the Conservatives have previously been known for supporting similar measures.

The majority of Canadians who support Bill 62 deserve politicians who represent those views. Instead, it seems almost the entire political class would rather push the elitist politically correct line than stand up for what Canadians want.

It’s a disturbing sign that something in our democracy is missing, as the true views of Canadians are being blocked from reaching all the way to the top of political leadership.

Spencer Fernando

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