CONCERN: Trudeau Government Warned About Letting China Buy Canada’s Aecon

Yet, Trudeau has ignored warnings and concerns in the past and let China take Canadian companies.

Canada’s Aecon company has been a part of some of our nation’s most historic projects.

They were involved in the CN Tower, the Halifax Shipyard, and the SkyTrain in Vancouver.

Now, they are being taken over by China’s CCCC International Holding – which is owned by China’s communist state. However, there are increasing warnings about the deal, in part because of CCCC’s history.

As noted by the Canadian Press, “CCCC International has some less auspicious recent history. The World Bank banned it from bidding on construction projects for eight years until this past January because of a bid-rigging scandal in the Philippines. The state-owned company has also been linked to the construction of artificial islands in the South China Sea, which has created high tension between China and several Asian countries.”

Letting such a company take a Canadian icon is a huge mistake.

Unfortunately for Canadians, the Trudeau government has repeatedly ignored these types of concerns. Even when companies integral to our national security were on the line, Trudeau let China buy them.

As many have pointed out, companies in China are different from most others. China exerts direct control over companies through total state ownership, meaning that decisions made by those companies are the decisions of the Chinese Communist Party.

That’s why Trudeau’s willingness to ignore warnings and let China take over more and more Canadian companies is so disturbing to the Canadian people. 

David Mulroney – former Canadian Ambassador to China – has raised concerns:

“We can’t make every decision with a view to making the Chinese happy. The more you do that, the more bad deals come your way from China. You have to show there are limits to our flexibility. We have real standards and we will live up to them.”

If Trudeau was interested in protecting Canadian ownership and putting the interests of Canada first, he would heed these concerns and block the deal. Unfortunately, we’ve seen that Trudeau cares more about winning favour with China than doing what’s best for Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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Welcome to Big Sweden, a colony of China and Islam.


what do we expect, Justin is a big fan of castro brothers, his brother is a super fan of china. I really wish liberal voters had done the homework and researched the trudeau family. I remember the ol’ man and he was a socialist and with Justin the apple fell directly under the tree.

LOUIS joannette

NOT FOR SELL .. The Chineese gouv can invest 25 percent ,, NO MAJORITY .