Taiwan Increasing Defense Spending As China’s Military Grows

While neighbouring countries become increasingly concerned with China’s aggressiveness, it’s a reminder that the Trudeau government is doing the exact opposite, pandering to China every chance they get.

Taiwan is increasing military spending as fear of China’s rising military power continues to grow. Taiwan’s pro-independence leader Tsai Ing-wen says she will continue to increase Taiwan’s military investment, which has been on the upswing in recent years.

As noted by Reuters, “China has increased the pressure on Taiwan since Tsai took office last year, suspecting she wants to push for its formal independence, by conducting more military drills around the island and slowly peeling away its few remaining diplomatic allies.”

China considers Taiwan to be a rebellious province, while Taiwan thinks of themselves mostly as an independent nation. Both the democratic government of Taiwan and the communist dictatorship of China see themselves as the true government of all the Chinese people.

China also continues to say that they will use military force if Taiwan formally declares independence.

As China continues to increase their military spending year after year, Reuters points out that “Taiwan is well armed with mostly U.S.-made weapons but has been pushing for sales of more advanced equipment, such as fighter jets, to deal with what Taipei sees as a growing threat from China and its own rapidly modernizing armed forces.”

The United States has an agreement with Taiwan to help provide the island with the means to defend itself, though there are questions as to whether this would apply to full military intervention on Taiwan’s behalf if China invaded.

Rising concern about China’s ambitions

With the consolidation of power of China’s President Xi Jinping, the increase in China’s willingness to throw their weight around in the region is expected to continue. As a result, China’s neighbours are increasingly concerned about their own security. Military budgets are on the rise in much of the area, with Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan all upping their military budgets (also as a result of the North Korea threat), and seeking close co-operation with the United States.

Yet, in the face of an increasingly aggressive China, the Trudeau government is moving in the opposite direction, letting China buy up more and more of our country, keeping our military under-funded, and bowing to China’s whims at almost every turn.

It’s a profound mistake, as it puts Canada at a further distance from nations that share our democratic values, and makes us more dependent on a ruthless, non-democratic state in an increasingly unstable world.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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