REGRET: 24% Of Liberal Voters Regret Their Vote According To Poll

A new poll shows almost a quarter of those who voted Liberal are regretting their choice.

The poll was conducted by Macleans, and featured over 1,000 respondents.

As reported by News 1130, “Mario Canseco with Insights West says 24 per cent of people who say they voted Liberal in the last election now regret it. “You have essentially one out of four voters for the Liberal party having buyer’s remorse. Most of them are in Quebec.”

Canseco also noted that middle age Canadians – always a key voting group, were among those most regretful for supporting the Trudeau Liberals in the last election.

However, regretting a vote for the Trudeau Liberals doesn’t seem to translate directly into support for other parties. The poll shows the Liberals with 35%, the Conservatives with 33%, and the NDP with 20%.

This fits with the general trend of recent polling, show the Liberals losing support, while the opposition parties have a lot of work to do in order to convince Canadians to dramatically shift in their direction.

For example, the Trudeau Liberals are totally out of step with Quebeckers on political correctness and values, yet they were still successful in the recent byelection. This is because the opposition parties are both out of step on those issues as well (particularly Bill-62), and missed a key opportunity. 

As a result, the opposition needs to keep hitting the Trudeau Liberals on their repeated failings, while also presenting ideas that put the interests of Canadians first. It’s one thing to turn Canadians against Trudeau (which he often does all by himself), but it’s another to get those voters to switch allegiances. Considering how the establishment media will try to tilt things back in Trudeau’s direction as the election gets closer, the opposition must be tough and relentless.

Spencer Fernando

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