Trudeau Is The Most Dishonest Prime Minister In Canadian History

Beyond the usual lying and deception employed by many politicians, Trudeau’s immense dishonesty is due to his allegiance to a globalist agenda that isn’t focused on doing what’s best for Canadians.

Many politicians lie and deceive from time to time. It’s unfortunate, but we all know it.

However, there is a deeper level of allegiance and honesty we expect from politicians: Beyond political games, we expect Canadian leaders to be loyal first and foremost to our country, rather than the interests of global corporations or international institutions. At a certain level, we expect our leaders to be Canadian patriots – “True Patriot Love”, not globalists.

It’s on this deeper level that Justin Trudeau is being revealed as the most dishonest Prime Minister in Canadian history.

The danger of globalism

Around the world, we are seeing the concentration of wealth, power, and influence in the hands of massive corporations, global banks, and high level government officials. As a result, policies are crafted to benefit the globalist elites, rather than the citizens of most nations.

We see this in policies that put political virtue-signalling ahead of national security, the needs of global corporations ahead of the working class, and the attempt to destroy patriotism and patriotic values in favour of an empty, meaningless globalism that denies the worth of the nation-state and devalues citizenship.

This is a relatively recent phenomenon, and it’s deepening the disconnect between citizens and the government that is supposed to serve them. Disturbingly, we are seeing many governments around the world subtly mimicking the thinking behind China’s authoritarian state, where citizens are viewed as a nuisance to be controlled and suppressed by technocratic overseers, rather than as the true bosses of our temporary political leadership.

And that’s where Justin Trudeau comes in.

He has embraced globalism to an extent never before seen in history. Even his father had some idea of Canadian nationalism – though he defined this as reflexive opposition to the U.S. and embracing communist states.

However, Justin Trudeau has openly declared that he thinks Canada should be a “post-national state,” which would mean the end of any unifying Canadian idea. Yet, we know that a country without any sense of being a nation is not really a country at all, just some lines on the map. We can already see the devastating impact of this in the disturbing rise of identity politics and the declining unity in our country.

That’s what Trudeau wants Canada to be, because that serves the globalist agenda. We know that a nation with a strong sense of citizenship and loyalty to the country is impossible to control, and won’t stand for seeing our country get sold off to foreign powers.

So, Trudeau wants to eliminate the very idea that there is a unified “Canada” to defend, making it easier for those in power to take whatever they want. Consider how the Trudeau government is already facing serious ethics problems by blurring the line between the public interest and personal profit.

Embracing globalism instead of standing up for Canada is a level of dishonesty that far eclipses any usual political lie. It’s far deeper, and far more concerning. By seeking the praise of international institutions and global interests instead of looking out for Canadians, Trudeau is using this country to further his own globalist ambitions (UN Secretary General) while taking power and influence away from the Canadian people.

It’s a tough process for many people to notice, because it happens bit by bit. But every time our energy industry is crippled, every time we agree to new regulations that hurt our economy and workers, every time we sign a deal that lets foreign companies sue our government in court and take our jobs away, every time Trudeau says there’s no such thing as Canadian values and expects us to be alright with extreme and backwards ideologies while refusing to defend our principles, and every time we let a foreign government like China take our Canadian companies – even after taxpayers put billions into those very same companies – we lose a little bit of Canada.

Canadians didn’t think that this was going to happen, and many still don’t see it yet – though that is changing with time.

Trudeau’s deception – hidden by a carefully-crafted image that embraces every politically correct fad of the day – has proven a clever distraction from the truth.

That’s why those of us who truly see that is happening need to keep getting the word out to Canadians, and ensure that Justin Trudeau – the most dishonest Prime Minister in Canadian history – is defeated in 2019.

Spencer Fernando

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I find it remarkable that every Canadian does not see what is going on.
This traitor needs to be removed immediately.
Thank you Spencer for ‘always’ saying it like it is. Keep up the great work!
Not sure anything would come of this…but someone has created a petition to remove Trudeau from office…
Please post it…I would be interested to see how many signatures we can get for the individual who poured his heart and soul into creating it.


Tanya, you would find this hard to believe this but there muslims out there who do not trust DICTACTOR Justin Trudeau to give their opinion of him as one ex muslim said when asked the difference between Trump and Trudeau, and without wasting time she said “Donald Trump cares for his ‘Homeland’ (USA) and Justin Trudeau does not. She did not have to listen to the media to formulate her statement, she already knew who and what Justin is and stood for and that is not CANADA.


True enough, I talked to one who came here with his family and they were required to speak English or French, put up 8 thousand dollars each person and educated and secure a job, they will not vote for him because of all the illegal boarder crossers who have been given a place to stay and health care and money to live on, they are illegal.

Concerned citizen

Thank you for writing your columns. I only hope that people read the things like this that I & others share. I tend to think a lot a people don’t want to know what’s going on because it’s not a happy story, so I fear they just scroll on by.


Sad state of affairs…..but hopeful for the future. Can’t wait for 2019 !!!


When the Chinese take over of Canada is complete, history will say exactly who facilitated it – Trudeau that’s who!


” the most dishonest Prime Minister in Canadian history ”
Spencer, you are being far to kind. A real critique of the ‘man’ would not be fit to print.


BEWARE – is funded by George Soros. Please do some research before signing any petition however well-meaning it may sound.

thomas howard

thanks for the input sherri; it seems quite possible that you would rather that people sidled up to the koch brothers instead… it was theirpeople who gave justin that award in houston.


The most dishonest and the most dangerous – exactly what I used to say when his father was p.m.

Brian Richard Allen

… we who see what is happening need to keep getting the word out and to ensure that Justin Trudeau … is defeated in 2019 ….

From your keyboard to God’s ear! And prayers that anything still recognizable as having once been mighty Canada, may survive that long!

alan skelhorne

now do you believe me, when i say he is totally 100% anti-canadian. everyday gets worse for our once beloved country.


Imagine if what we hear about this shameful manager of the country being called and desired in this role because he is sexy, appealing and cool, is true, what hope does Canada have in the real goal , ie, the building of a real and sustainable nation ?? all fluff , disillusion , no substance,

Timothy Smith

Its time to expose political apathy for what it is – free reign for the globalist left to take over the country, divide it, and sell it to the lowest bidder… political apathy used to be acceptable even during and up to the Pirouette globalist era.. However, there was much less of a clever machine to co-opt those who do not care, do not read, and would not vote for any other reason than to tell people what ‘good and progressive’ people they are… What needs to be understood is that a vote for the NDP is even more worthless… Read more »

Ray Decorby

You must have gotten a copy of Gerald Butt’s manifesto.


Correct, Mr Fernando – except one line:
“This is a relatively recent phenomenon, and it’s deepening the disconnect between citizens and the government that is supposed to serve them.”
It is not in fact a recent phenomenon – it is the way the world used to be, for several centuries, up until the English Civil War, the Renaissance, and the French Revolution. What we are experiencing now is a return to the pre-Enlightenment, pre-Renaissance way of governing; the “New World Order” is in fact an old world order – neo-feudalism is what I have termed it in my book.

Pauline Loney

Well put! I hope everyone reads this post!


I find a way to spread the word is by going on Facebook CBC Toronto and looking for a relative article, something about the government and saying a few things. Otherwise, it seems your just saying the same thing to the same people over and over again. Or Facebook makes your posts disappear. Yes, Facebook and Google both lobby the government. It just so happens that one of Googles recent financial advisors a Canadian and is on the board of the Trudeau Foundation. So it can be very difficult to spread the word but we have to keep trying.


Im not Canadian but Im totally shocked you think like that. I was taught since I was a child by my family that countries were created by us, humans. We should think we are part of this world and not only of one country. To think only in our country instead of thinking of the world as a whole is wrong. You are the same reason of why in USA Trump is the president.

monica wright

We are a part of the world. Have you not noticed, that there are parts of the world that you may not want to be to cozy with? There are parts where the people would kill you so fast it would make your head spin? If you still had it that is. That Trump is trying to protect his country from these folks, because he knows there is nothing we will ever be able to do to change their lust for killing. Anyone, any time, any place, including their own family. If you believe otherwise, you might want to do… Read more »

Dale Barry

I’m glad you’re not Canadian!

Miles Lunn

I am myself a Conservative, but I generally like to think of myself as someone of an internationalist although still nationalist as the two are not mutually exclusive. I am a strong supporter of free trade and liberal foreign investment rules as that benefits us as a country. It means cheaper products, more choice, and also more opportunities for our firms to expand globally into other countries. Likewise I believe except for sensitive sectors, we should be open to foreign investment as that increases jobs and also if we restrict trade and investment from other countries, other countries are likely… Read more »

Dale Barry

The trader should have never got in. There was enough evidence out there showing his communist Globalist George Soros agenda. Either Canadians were sleeping at the wheel or they’re just down right stupid!

Nancy Champeau

I Agree with EVERYTHING You Posted!! Why Others CAN’T See What’s Happening Is Beyond me??? Every Day , This IDIOT Of A Prime Minister Does More AGAINST Our Country!! The SOONER He GOES, The BETTER!!!!!!


It is with great sadness that I put my message here instead of sharing it on facebook. For some reason I still have no share buttons, or any for that matter. I wanted to share this again but can’t. This one needs to be front and center every time.


What the heck is going on. It’s not like I am suggesting that anything bad happen to anyone. Also, our government needs to be impeached or charged with treason. Then have the new Prime Minister drain the swamp (DTS PEOPLE DTS).

LOUIS joannette

I CONQUER WITH YOU. If we had gut,s we could hire the same lawer that Omer Aeir that screw us for ten millions that S.O.B.. tHEY VERY GOOD TO SUE TRUDEAU AND BRONFMAN OF THEIR POSSESSION ,

THAT WILL MAKE NICE GIFT TO OUR FIRST NATION FOR THEIR HOUSING. Some villages are still waiting, they where told that help is coming by Ttudeau HIMSELF 2 years ago.


Don Taylor

Why is this traitorous Trudeau charge d with treason