Trudeau Liberals “Delaying” Infrastructure Spending

So, we’re stuck with the massive budget deficits but we’re not even getting the infrastructure the government promised.

Despite running massive budget deficits – all by choice, not external circumstances – the Trudeau government is now saying they have to “delay” $2 billion in infrastructure spending.

Apparently, they can’t spend the money fast enough.

Note, they aren’t saving the money or reducing the deficit with it, they’re just planning to spend it later.

While the government line and spin is that projects have been delayed because of things the government can’t control, very few people trust what the Trudeau government says at this point.

We’ve seen so much dishonesty and incompetence, and now it seems the Trudeau government can’t even shovel money out the door, which even the most pathetic governments seem capable of.

This also raises questions as to how other infrastructure money is being spent. After all, despite all the money the government is supposedly spending on “infrastructure” (which they manipulatively rebranded “social infrastructure” to avoid actually spending on tangible things), the economy is slowing down and Canadian consumers are more stressed than ever before.

At this point, the lack of effective management explains – but doesn’t justify – the Trudeau government being so against transparency and openness – despite all their campaign rhetoric. They are surely worried that the more Canadians see, the more incompetence and corruption we will find in this government.

Spencer Fernando

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Warren Yuill

Social infrastructure.
That’s the key distinction the liberals will try to make.
“We did spend the money wisely”
“And as promised…on infrastructure”
“The most important kind of infrastructure”
The kind that’ll vote liberal in 2019

D. Jerome Hauk

A lot of money has been shipped overseas to support dubious causes and initiatives, so it is not surprising that there are insufficient funds for initiatives within Canada. Either that or the money tree in the garden behind the Centre Block is hibernating.

jack grandville

Just another ‘con’ by the greatest conning government in our history. Even better than daddy — but, being brainwashed by daddy since the age of understanding in either official language, does give him an edge, plus his professional ‘handlers’ in behind the curtains, which helps –saves him doing any serious thinking.