WASTE: Environment Canada Spends Taxpayer Money On Expensive Mercedes, Porsche, Lexus & Tesla Vehicles

Total contempt for Canadian taxpayer dollars.

It appears that an access to information request from Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski has revealed the Trudeau government wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars buying expensive luxury vehicles.

There have been numerous tweets about the information, including a government document dated September 19, 2016:

It seems that Blacklocks – an organization that provides strong in-depth information on what’s happening in Ottawa – took a lead role in finding the info:

A larger photo of the document is included below:

The documents appear to be legit, and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna responded on twitter, showing the government is worried:


Of course, McKenna’s response doesn’t hold up at all, and doesn’t explain why the Trudeau government is wasting our money on expensive luxury cars.

After all, it would be very simple for the government to send inspectors to oversee tests at specific manufacturers as opposed to buying the vehicles at such big expense to taxpayers.

Yet, the Trudeau government clearly doesn’t give a sh*t about taxpayer money, which is why they throw our money away like there’s no tomorrow. They have total contempt for the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

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