WATCH: Trudeau Refuses To Name Ministers Using Ethics Loophole, Gives Pathetic Lecture Instead

After it was revealed that as many as four Trudeau government cabinet Ministers – in addition to Moneybags Morneau – are using a loophole to keep control of their assets, Justin Trudeau is refusing to tell Canadians who they are.

In Question Period, both the Conservatives and NDP demanded answers on behalf of the Canadian people.

After all, having cabinet ministers keep control of their assets raises massive doubts over every decision the Trudeau government has made so far, because we have no way of knowing if cabinet ministers were acting to serve their own financial interests.

Yet, despite repeated questions, Trudeau refuses to tell Canadians which cabinet ministers are using the loophole. Instead, he responded by giving a lecture that can only be described as pathetic.



If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Trudeau’s arrogance and dishonesty is on full display here, as he thinks Canadians don’t deserve to know whether cabinet ministers are actually working for us, or working for their own financial gain. Instead, he lectures like he’s back in the drama classroom. Pathetic.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Bill Craig

The arrogant boy is in complete disconnect with Canadians. He is like the boss’s son who is trying to learn the business but has no idea what is happening on the shop floor.


Why should dictator Justin answer any question when so far nothing has been to him either resign or demand resignations of those who refuse the ethical laws. Dictator Justin walks over the opposition parties and still nothing is done. Instead of the opposition ask the same questions numerous of times why not answer for him. In other words: Mr speaker ” since the PM refuse to name the mps may I name them for the public they are: names are mentioned.” To hell waiting for answers. If you have the questions surely you have the answers to your questions only… Read more »


To hell waiting for answers. If you have the questions surely you have the answers to your questions only that the opposition are giving the liberals a chance to answer which they are doing it.
Forgot to add which they are ‘NOT’ doing it.


The Opposition has to demand that the Speaker insist Trudeau and his Liberals all give direct, relevant and intelligent answers to the questions. They are an insult to Canadian democracy and insult the intelligence of Canadians.


Justin Trudeau should be boot out of office. His lying and corruption is out of control. If anyone thinks the ethics commissioner is doing her job think again.


I have trouble viewing the video, even if I “click here”.


The video plays fine, I just have trouble viewing it.