FAILED PRIORITIES: Trudeau Government Increases Spending On Illegal Border Crossers While Homeless Canadians Are Dying In Toronto

The government has limited resources, which means the priority must be given to helping Canadians in need, not those who illegally enter our country.

Many people are noticing the disturbing juxtaposition of reports that 70 homeless people have died in Toronto so far in 2017, and the increasing government spending on facilities for illegal border crossers.

As noted in a recent report, “At least 70 homeless people have died in Toronto in the first nine months of this year, the city’s medical officer of health said Monday. Dr. Eileen de Villa told a Toronto Board of Health meeting on Monday that 57 were men, or 81 per cent, while 13 were women. The median of age of those who died is 48.”

According to statistics, 46 homeless Canadians died indoors, four passed away outside, and the location of the other 20 deaths were listed as unknown.

On average, almost two homeless Canadians have died every week so far in 2017.

Limited resources must be channeled to helping Canadian citizens

We know that there may be a few people who don’t think the two issues (government spending on illegal border crossers and the deaths of homeless Canadians), should be linked. However, the link is very clear. Both cases refer to vulnerable populations, one who are not Canadian citizens and entered illegally, the other who are within our country legally and are Canadian citizens.

It may not be ‘nice’ to describe this as a choice, but it is simply a fact that any money spent by the government in one area can’t be spent in another. So, when the government increases spending on people who are not Canadian citizens, that means less money for Canadians – including less money that could have been used to strengthen support for homeless people.

Citizenship must mean something

Being in Canada legally, and being a Canadian citizen, must mean something. When homeless Canadians are suffering, and many millions more Canadians are struggling in poverty and economic stagnation, it is totally unacceptable for the government to be spending taxpayer money on illegal border crossers. Even worse many of those who cross illegally will go on welfare, meaning even less money to help Canadian citizens in need.

Instead of increasing spending on illegal border crossers, the government should be making clear that those crossings are unacceptable and that nobody will be let into the country illegally.

Of course, if they did that, they wouldn’t be able to get credit in the global press, and we’ve seen that Trudeau cares more about international media coverage than he does about helping our country.

While Trudeau may not believe it, most of us know know that the needs of Canadian citizens must always be put first. Canadians have every right to criticize the government when our citizens are suffering while our taxpayer money is spent on those who are here illegally.

Spencer Fernando

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