NERVOUS NOTLEY: Alberta Premier Tweets Extreme Rhetoric Towards United Conservative Party

Trailing massively in the polls, Rachel Notley tweeted an extreme response to the United Conservative Party in the wake of their leadership contest.

It seems clear that Notley and the NDP are increasingly nervous, as the majority of Albertans now have a party ready to take the province back from the far-left socialist agenda.

Here’s what Notley tweeted:


Quite interesting that Notley refers to “divisive” while tweeting an extremely divisive attack on a party supported by a majority of Albertans. After all, if she thinks that’s what the UCP represents, then she also thinks that a majority of Albertans are like that, and why would she want to govern the province when she seems to have such a low view of at least half the residents?

Notley’s tweet is a sign of nervousness in the NDP, which makes total sense considering how far they trail in the polls. 

When they first took power, the Alberta NDP had a great opportunity, and could have pursued a balanced budget, keeping taxes low, and standing up 100% for the energy industry. Instead, they used their shocking win as an excuse to impose a far-left NDP agenda, which has predictably resulted in massive deficits, way more debt, higher taxes, serious job problems, and – combined with the terrible policies of Trudeau – destroyed billions in energy industry investment.

And yet, unhinged attacks can’t distract from the failed NDP record, and that’s a big reason why they are so far behind the UCP in the polls.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter

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