Parliamentary Budget Officer Says Budget Deficit Will Be Bigger Than Trudeau Government Says

Canada’s Parliamentary Budget Officer says the upcoming budget deficit will be $20.2 billion, which contradicts the $18.4 billion Moneybags Morneau listed in the recent fiscal update.

The gap between the PBO and the Trudeau government finance department is almost $2 billion, and comes amid more economic bad news, with rising debt, weak exports, and a contraction in the economy in the last reported month.

Under current projections, the PBO says the long-term budget deficit will end up declining to $9.9 billion, but that won’t happen until 2022-2023. It’s important to note that $9.9 billion is about what Trudeau promised as the yearly deficits in 2016-2017. Of course, that’s what he said when he was campaigning, now it seems he’ll be over half-a-decade late.

According to the Canadian Press, the PBO report “says economic growth will slow over the next few years as consumer spending moderates and residential investment declines with higher borrowing rates and lower gains in disposable income. We project real GDP growth to slow from 3.1 per cent in 2017 to 1.9 per cent in 2018 and then to 1.8 per cent in 2019 before averaging 1.7 per cent annually over 2020 to 2022.”

Keep in mind that economic growth under 2% in a country with an expanding population (mostly due to immigration), means the average person is either getting economically stuck, or even getting poorer on a GDP per-capita basis.

As a result of this weak growth, the PBO says there’s only a 10% chance of a balanced budget by the year 2019/2020, and just a 30% chance by 2022-2023. Far from what Trudeau once promised Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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How can any Reasonable and Intelligent Canadian believe anything that comes out this Lying, Stupid, Arrogant Liberal Government’s mouth. This Government has been spending like Drunken Sailors, giving away our Hard Working Tax Dollars to Everyone and Everything that Canadians are NOT in Agreement with. It will take Generations to again Reach a Balanced Budget like PM Stephen Harper and the Conservatives left us with. There was even a Surplus after the Conservatives were in power. Unfortunately this Surplus was left to a bunch of Drunken Sailors!

jack grandville

Hey, I could have said that and I am not a ‘Parliamentary Budget Officer.’ I wonder if I could apply? Anyone who got passed kindergarten could have seen that one coming.