READ: In Tweets, Michelle Rempel Shreds “Disgusting” Trudeau Liberals For Deceptive Claims On Yazidi Genocide Survivors

After spending tons of time doing nothing and ignoring efforts by Rempel and the Conservatives to help Yazidi genocide survivors, the Trudeau Liberals are all of a sudden trying to take total credit for the little bit of help that was given.

Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel isn’t letting the Trudeau Liberals’ attempted deception go unanswered. Take a look at the tweets below where she sets the record straight:

Rempel is 100% right to be going after the Trudeau Liberals for their attempt at deception. The Trudeau government seems to know no limits on what they will try to lie about it, and the only way to stop that is to push back with the truth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter