WATCH: Pierre Poilievre’s 20 Minute Speech Ripping Trudeau & Moneybags Morneau

It’s worth watching and sharing.

The Trudeau government is desperate to distract from the growing ethical cloud surrounding Bill Moneybags Morneau and the entire Trudeau government.

As more revelations emerge about the failure to use a blind trust and the use of loopholes to maintain assets, Trudeau has been trying to get Canadians to talk about and focus on anything else.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to keep the focus on the potential conflicts-of-interest within the Trudeau government, and that’s exactly what Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre recently did in the House of Commons.

In an almost 20 minute speech, Poilievre ripped the Trudeau government and Moneybags Morneau, in remarks that should be seen by as many Canadians as possible. Watch the video below:

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Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube