WEAK: Desperate Trudeau Government Attempt To Smear Scheer Fails Miserably

The gigantic contrast between a $75K investment and Moneybags Morneau profiting on his shares while serving as Finance Minister only makes the Trudeau government look even worse.

The desperate Trudeau government is throwing everything against the wall in an attempt to see what sticks and distracts from their growing ethical scandals.

As Canadians remain outraged over the fact that Bill Moneybags Morneau used an ethics loophole to retain control over his assets while serving in the powerful finance minister role (a huge potential conflict-of-interest), Trudeau is desperate to change the channel.

That desperation led to a hilariously weak attempt to smear Andrew Scheer over his real estate investment.

Trudeau sent out Liberal MP Raj Grewal to criticize Scheer for having an RELP (Real Estate Limited Partnership). Scheer has $75K invested in an RELP – which brings investors together to purchase properties. As a result, Scheer reportedly partially owns a small shopping mall in Edmonton, and a warehouse/office building.

Thats it, yet hilariously, the Trudeau Liberals are trying to make it into an issue.

Weak and failed attempt by Trudeau to change the conversation

We can all see how weak the Liberal attempt is here.

  • First, Scheer’s investments are public record, not quietly pushed beyond view like Moneybags’ offshore corp, French villa, and numbered company.
  • Second, Scheer isn’t in a position to pass laws that benefit his investments.
  • Third, there is a gigantic difference between a $75K investment and Morneau’s ability to make millions in possible profits from his shares while he was finance minister.

It takes just a moment to see through the weak Trudeau attempt to smear Scheer, and it just shows how worried the Trudeau government is about the growing anger and mistrust many Canadians feel towards the federal government. Their attempt to change the channel will only backfire, since it rekindles discussion about the ethics problems facing Trudeau cabinet ministers.

The real issue and focus is the fact that Moneybags Morneau, and other Trudeau cabinet ministers, were in a position to potentially profit from government actions, raising doubts about every decision the Trudeau government has made while in power.

Canadians want answers, not weak distractions from Trudeau.

Spencer Fernando

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Timothy Smith

Its the same tactic these terrible liars have always used to seize and stay in power… however, now we have the Internet… These types of propaganda tactics rely strongly on a few things : a) that nobody really cares about news and politics b) that nobody really researches anything c) 100% homogenaeous control over ALL media. The Internet has changed things… the Internet elected a US president amidst a hellstorm of attack from all mainstream media outlets… surely the Internet can destroy the CBC and Global Fake News and S*ittyTV and help us to victory… Canada needs the Internet, and… Read more »

Chris vrecko

This needs to be shared to others so word gets around. Come on Canadians do not take the chance that these gangsters are reelected, it will be the finish of Canada.


Well said Chris and Timothy….
let’s take every opportunity to expose the lunacy of the Liberals.

Don Taylor

Liberal govt fast becoming the the most despised govt in Canadian history led a by a dimwit that has never accomplished any thing in his arrogant spoiled life Justin Turdeau


I expected no less than pitiful for the citizens being raked or the coals time and time again and this total unrespectful nothing but a poor excuse for a weak man.


I knew we were in trouble when truduh! got voted in. you see I knew justin’s ol’ man and he was a socialist. I studied the kids and they all worship the Chinese an Cuban governments. I cant believe people got suckered in by good hair and the promise of legal pot. harper was (is) respected worldwide. not this sock happy wanna- be muslim who wishes “happy pride to allah”. or my fav. “the budget will balance its self” coming from a person who still gets the inheritance doled out bit by bit from his fathers estate. he is a… Read more »


Canadians have to spread the word about this Corrupt, Terrorist Sympathizing, Lying Traitor of a PM and educate all family and friends as to how Canada is being destroyed by this Inept Dictator and ensure that they understand NOT to ever vote Liberal! There are many people who I have spoken with who don’t know what is going on in Government, and I make sure that I let them know what this Traitor is doing to Canada and Canadians. Obviously, the Canadian Taxpayers from Trois-Rivieres were not properly educated and had NO idea that they were voting for a Traitor… Read more »


Liberals are desperate. They’ve hired trolls to follow Andrew Sheer all over twitter. Trying hard to take the heat off themselves.