“ACCOUNTABILITY”: Moneybags Morneau “Punished” With Pathetic $200 Fine

Hopefully he can afford it…

It has been revealed by journalist Anthony Furey that Bill Morneau has paid a fine.

As noted by Furey, “A notice quietly posted to the ethics commissioner’s website recently details the two sections of the act the embattled senior Liberal minister has been penalized for violating. Both penalties are related to Morneau’s failure to disclose his directorship in the corporation that owns his French villa and an estimate of its failure.”

So, what was Morneau’s punishment for the violations?


There aren’t any missing zeroes there. All that Bill Morneau – a multimillionaire – had to pay for violating the Conflict of Interest Act was $200.

For perspective, that pathetic fine represents 0.00004% of the estimated $5 million in profits he made on his Morneau-Shepell holdings since becoming Finance Minister, which he claims he will donate to charity.

As you can see, with such a low level of punishment for violations, there is no real incentive for people in government to follow the conflict rules (aside from fear of political consequences).

Once again, we see that there is one set of rules for those at the top, and another set of rules for the rest of us. The government loves going after Canadians for minor mistakes, yet it lets those in power get away with almost everything.

It’s a total disgrace, and it’s another reason trust in government is collapsing at a pace we’ve never seen before.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter/YouTube

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” so if we lie to the government it’s a felony, if they lie to us , it is politics ” Bill Murray

alan skelhorne

just another slap on the wrist for a corrupt politician, when will it be trudeaus turn for his vacation. crickets.

Claudine Prosper

Only the elitist can afford Canadian style justice. If a “common” person did such a thing they would end up in jail! Morneau should lose his job, he knew better. I was taught that lying doesn’t pay off, well, things are a lot different now!


Liberal crime pays. It is worth it for them to lie.

Tim Pedden

Laughing all the way to the CORRUPT INFRASTRUCTURE BANK he helped the Crime Minister create


So $200 as a penalty for violating two sections of conflict of interest; lying to 35 millions Canadians and having a $200 fine? So being dishonest for a Liberal is normal business. Get them out of there before they rot the whole government system.


I don’t get it! The Globe and Mail reported that Moreau’s monthly dividends from his company shares are over $ 300,000 per MONTH ( that’s almost $ 4 million per year) . that’s not a typo…it is an incomprehensible number to most people, to the point of being unbelievable.