INCREASE: Trudeau Government To Bring In 340,000 New Immigrants Per Year By 2020

The plan would bring immigration levels to 90,000 more people per year than under the Harper government – levels which were already very high by world standards.

The Trudeau government is planning a big increase in immigration levels by the year 2020, even as more Canadians express concerns.

In announcing the new levels, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said “Everyone has been of the opinion we need more workers, we need more skilled workers, we need more people to power our economy, address our real skills shortages, address our real labour market shortages and also address the regional nature of some of these requirements.”

While Hussen is falsely claiming that “everyone” agrees, many Canadians are expressing concern about Canada’s ability to absorb a large number of new arrivals every year. As was explained in a recent Vancouver Sun article, three polls show low support for higher immigration levels.

  • A 2017 Angus Reid poll found 57% of Canadians say “Canada should accept fewer immigrants and refugees.”
  • A 2015 Environics poll found 38% of Canadians say “immigration levels are too high” (when they were at 250,000 per year).
  • And, a 2017 Leger Marketing poll found just 10% of Canadians want higher immigration levels, while 41% say the current number was “about right,” and 38% say there are “too many” being brought in to the country.

The establishment elites will of course slander those who are concerned about higher immigration levels as “racist”, but those concerns are held by a vast majority of Canadians, and have nothing to do with prejudice.

Keep in mind that Canada bringing in 340,000 people per year would be the equivalent of the United States bringing in over three million people. Currently, the United States brings in about 1 million people every year, so Canada will soon be taking in more than 1/3rd as many despite having about 1/10th the population.

There are very legitimate worries over the ability of our social programs to manage such a large influx, in addition to the fact that more people entering the country every year can mean the dilution of the bargaining power of working class Canadians, and also damage the prospects of the middle class. After all, the corporate elites would like nothing more than massive totally unrestricted immigration to bring wages even lower than they are now.

Canadians who have those concerns deserve to be listened to and respected, not demonized by the out-of-touch elites. Canada’s immigration numbers were already very high under the Harper government, and raising them year after year as Trudeau plans to do is something that should be decided with input from Canadians directly, not just at the whim of the government in power.

Spencer Fernando

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Old Canadian Patroit

This is a government not of, for or by the people, and if Canadians do not like it too damn bad. I never voted for any of the freaks.


BTW Old CANADIAN PATROIT, Dictator/ Socialist/ commie/ jihadi Justin Trudeau said ‘that he will replace the ‘OLD STOCK WHITE CANADIANS’ because they are unpleasant relic”.

jack grandville

A classic case of the pot calling the kettle black — eh?


I’ve seen this quote floating around but I’m curious where it came from. Do you have a source?

Les Starck

“The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them.” -Justin Trudeau”

Is that the quote you are talking about? If so the source is Trudeau himself and that quote pisses me off big time!


Do you have a source for that quote by Justin. I know he said something similar but I can’t find the exact quote for either.

Miles Lunn

I believe if managed properly it can be very beneficial. The US unlike Canada has a birth rate above replacement level of 2.2 while ours is 1.5 and their median age is 38 while ours is 42 so from a purely economic perspective we should have higher levels. The main reason for more immigration is we have more retiring than entering the workforce and unless birth rates rise, this means either higher taxes, bigger deficits, and/or spending cuts to our programs as well as slower growth. Japan has almost no immigration and since 1998 has had stagnant growth of only… Read more »


this might be a rational and logical analysis but the crucial caveat is IF DONE RIGHT…and we have experience with this unfit government ….


I would like to point out that citing slow economic growth in Japan as an argument in favour of high immigration levels is misleading. Despite Japan’s aging population, its GDP per capita is increasing, thanks in part to automation.

Also, while it sounds nice to tout the benefits of population growth through immigration in rural areas or Atlantic Canada, the reality is that there is about a 50% retention rate over 5 years in NS (


Why not simply encourage young Canadian families to have more children? Lots would love to have more children but cannot afford it, because, that’s right, they cannot afford a home. Why can’t they afford a home? Because of foreign investment in the real estate market!

jack grandville

An interesting take on the situation, sir, but collapses with the reality of the comment in your last sentence: “…… if done right…..” and, being an intelligent individual as demonstrated by your comments in general, you have to have faith above all normal levels that such would even be remotely possible — for two simple reasons — it would be done by governments (demonstrably unreliable or sensible) and human nature itself, also demonstrably unreliable.

jack grandville

“…….deserve to be listened to and respected…..” — not in a million years with these bandits running the ship. To even hold a thought that this government gives a damn about Canada and what Canadians may or may not want is simply a wasted thought. They are hell-bent on running the country and the economy into the ground and reducing us to third world status — undoubtedly on ‘instructions from above’ — and that comment does not refer to any religious involvement — but there are others above these simpletons that direct the show. There cannot be, at this time,… Read more »

Brenda Deverill

There should be an investigation into the slight of hand way that Moneybags Morneau has orchestrated his scam(and the rest of the cabinet) who are really money laundering back and forth to feather their own nests. Especially, but not limited to the lead dead head. They also need to make public their tax returns, how interesting and transparent that would be wouldn’t it?


Germany was totally overwhelmed by admitting migrants representing 1 % 0f the population in one year. They are still in a state of total ‘ integration’ chaos. And yet Trudeau wants to admit 1% to Canada, year after year!! This could only work if all of the immigrants have special skills where they can hit the ground running, and where they will integrate socially with Canadians, ie. of Judeo Christian background. Also, the recent ‘ migrants’ who illegally came across the U.S. border, who have been given ‘ work permits’ , should be required to live in the northern communities… Read more »


Dictator is replacing Canadians with his own brand of people. Some to provide wealth to him whereas others (Canadians) to beg for mercy for a job but will be used as his playmate to bounce around. Canadians right now are losing their jobs; businesses are pulling out because of the Justin Trudeau Gov ‘high taxes and strict regulations. So to for Justin to bring in massive immigration to help create jobs yet the ones we have here are leaving; leaves me with the very notion that Justin Trudeau has other plans for those massive immigration which in my opinion will… Read more »


and just who is supposed to pay for these people who will be given free housing, medical, dental and welfare. I know it wont be the fed liberals who will download the costs to the local level and the provincial level. besides I thought the “big o” was full up already…

Brian Richard Allen

+ JOHN MAGUIRE says: …. take the money out of the (fascissocialists’) trust-funds ….

But only if you are able – on a world map – to locate any of the countries in whose “banks” the trust-funds are parked. :^)

Old Canadian Patroit

I do wish Canadians would read the Muslim Brotherhood’s, George Soros’s and the OIC plans for Canada. We are heading down a dark path thanks to Trudeau and this scary group of not so honourable members of parliament. Shhhhh I am not allowed to say that.

Bernard Girard

Trudeau flooding the country with people from other countries,look after people here first.When they have a problem they all come here.