VIDEO: Moneybags Morneau Gets Wrecked In Question Period

He tried to turn the tables. It backfired.

After weeks of getting raked over the coals repeatedly in Question Period over his ethics issues, Bill Moneybags Morneau tried to turn the tables on the opposition.

He brought up numbered companies owned by opposition members, trying to muddy the waters on the issue of his failure to put his assets in a blind trust.

It backfired big-time.

After Morneau tried his gambit, Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre quickly revealed exactly what was in his numbered company, and then asked Morneau to do the same.

He couldn’t.

Instead, he fell back on talking points, and then tried to shift the debate by bringing up additional numbered companies owned by opposition members.

Poilievre replied by noting that none of the opposition members own stocks in a company they regulate, something Moneybags can’t say for himself.

After being wrecked repeatedly, Morneau was left with just having to recite some cherry-picked economic stats, a clear admission that his attempt to turn the tables had failed miserably.

Watch the full exchange below, and note the faces of Morneau’s colleagues – even they don’t seem to be buying his BS:

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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You gotta love this Poilievre guy ,, he’s a real pit bull!

louisa surges

I see in my crystal ball, he will be, one day, our Prime Minister of Canada’


I just love watching him take it to the Libtards. He is Awesome!


“AS I SAID …” this is who we are , this is what we do….
HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHA eggonface maybe Morneau ??? simple evidence and transparency trump all …..

June C Dobson

just once,,just one time i would love to hear the truth,,just once,,,, or do they no know the truth,, been waiting a long time to hear the truth and after this many years,, i have heard it O times,,,sad isn’t it,, very sad,,


The Liberals don‘t care…..they know that come election time that Soro‘s Tides Fund will dump large sums of money wherever they want it and that the Liberal friendly unions will vilify Andrew Sheer and flood the media with their slander. It doesn’t matter that Trudeau is the poorest prepared and least qualified person to be PM.


Thank you Spencer! You brightened my day!