WATCH: Smirking Justin Won’t Say When He Found Out Moneybags Still Owned Morneau-Shepell Shares

With his usual smirk on his face, Justin Trudeau made it clear that he doesn’t think Canadians deserve any answers to the growing government ethics problems.

With questions still swirling about the ethical troubles in the Trudeau government, Smirking Justin Trudeau seems to think it’s all a big joke.

Trudeau was asked by Andrew Scheer when exactly he found out that Moneybags Morneau still owned Morneau-Shepell shares. It’s an important question, because if Trudeau knew for some time and didn’t tell the Ethics Commissioner, that would be a big problem.

So, it’s quite interesting that despite it being a very easy question to answer, Trudeau won’t do it.

Instead, he tried to smirk his way through another talking-point fuelled script, showing arrogance and contempt for the very idea that he answers to Canadians. Watch Smirking Justin try and evade the truth in the video below:


If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Government ethics are a joke to Smirking Justin

Justin Trudeau has the look of somebody who lets others face the consequences of his terrible government decisions. He doesn’t pay the price for lax border policies, he doesn’t feel the pain of higher taxes, and he doesn’t care about damaging the economy – he’ll remain rich and influential no matter what alongside his fellow elites.

That’s why he smirks his way through arrogantly denying Canadians the transparency he once promised. Government ethics are nothing more than a joke to him.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Old Canadian Patroit

The apple does not fall far from the tree.

jack grandville

I thought I might add something when I first started to read this article, but I have resisted because your comments, Spencer, cover it nicely. By now it is obvious to almost anyone who can still read and write (and listen) that there is no way anyone will be able to get an honest, intelligent response of any of the necessary questions put by the opposition. A sad conclusion, but the only conclusion one can arrive at.

Gerald mcgarrigle

One things for sure,he’s doing a lot of pot,and he’s a moron.


That’s TWO things!!!!


The fake is adulating the Ethics Commissioner …uh ah …by eh .ah uh …the institutions are a joke went to the TROUDEAU SCHOOL OF FAKE ARTS…


Failing and refusing to answer honest questions all Canadians demand and deserve to know is Contempt of Parliament. What the hell is wrong with the Speaker? He should be demanding the Liberals start properly answering questions or be asked to leave the Commons. Go back to day care. This is right up there with Trudeau’s attack on the woman’s breast, intentionally smashing it with his elbow. The Sergeant at Arms and Common’s Security should have arrested Trudeau for assault and he should have been banned from parliament for at least 30 days on top of a fine and a criminal… Read more »

Don Taylor

narcissism describes Turdeau perfectly

don morris

Interesting article about Morneau-Shepell, seems Shepell has no interest in the company and never has had an interest in it. Warren Shepell sold his company to another company which Morneau purchased and decided to us the name M-S instead of just “Morneau”. Shepell objected and asked his name to be removed, Morneau refused to do so..

So,in the 2015 election, Shepell supported Linda McQuaig,the NDP candidate who ran against Morneau. Not only is Morneau rich,but an arrogant s.o.b. as well.