WATCH: Hussen Admits Immigration Increase Will Cost Taxpayers Over $1 BILLION Per Year & Keep Going Up

He only answered the question reluctantly after repeatedly trying to dodge it.

After announcing a massive increase in Canada’s immigration levels, the Trudeau government is being grilled on the extra cost to Canadian taxpayers – at a time when services are stretched, the government is running huge deficits, and taxpayers are being fleeced.

In an interview, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen did everything he could to dodge the question of cost, before finally revealing the truth.

Canadian taxpayers are already paying over $1 billion per year for the cost of immigration, and Hussen admitted that the Trudeau plan will add to that cost every year. Considering how dishonest the Trudeau government has been, and how all their cost projections end up going way over-budget, we know that cost could end up being billions more per year above what Hussen is claiming.

Watch the interview below:

At at time when Canadians across the country are being massively taxed while being betrayed by a government that made big promises, there is growing anger that billions will be spent on bringing more people into the country, instead of maintaining the levels under the previous government and focusing on doing more to help those who are already in the country.

Unfortunately for Canadians, the Trudeau government has no interest in supporting the Canadian people, and would rather focus outside our borders than inside.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube