Julie Payette Has Failed As Governor General & Must Resign

Arrogant and condescending speech shows Payette has no interest in representing all Canadians, and totally undermines confidence in the Governor General role.

As Julie Payette faces continued criticism from growing numbers of Canadians across the country, it is clear that she has failed as governor general, and must resign.

In a recent Ottawa speech, Payette said “Can you believe that still today in learned society, in houses of government, unfortunately, we’re still debating and still questioning whether humans have a role in the Earth warming up or whether even the Earth is warming up, period.”

Added Payette, “We are still debating and still questioning whether life was a divine intervention or whether it was coming out of a natural process let alone, oh my goodness, a random process.”

Payette also referred to “climate change deniers,” and said “So many people … still believe, want to believe that maybe taking a sugar pill will cure cancer if you will it good enough and that your future and every single one of the people here’s personalities can be determined by looking at planets coming in front of invented constellations.”

The arrogance and condescension of Payette’s comments is obvious, and her comments are insulting to millions of people all across Canada. While Payette has every right to her beliefs, the Governor General position is supposed to be a unifying one, not a platform for pushing a certain political agenda.

As Robyn Urback wrote“The role of the Governor General is apolitical by design; as a representative of the Crown, she is expected to use her executive powers in the interest of Canada, and not a single party, or group or administration. The integrity of the role falls apart if the governor general is perceived to be of one camp or another.”

Urback also brought attention to the following tweet from Catherine McKenna, pointing out that it should make Canadians “uncomfortable,” since the government should be “indifferent” to the Governor General:


Not good. Considering the Governor General has immense influence over whether a government falls and has tremendous power if they chose to use it, it’s very disturbing to see the position politicized. While I’m not a big fan of the Governor General position itself, so long as Canada has one, it must be a totally non-partisan role that shows respect for all Canadians.

WATCH: Part of Payette’s arrogant speech

Julie Payette must resign

It is now clear that Julie Payette must resign. The issue isn’t her beliefs, but the way she is condescending towards the millions of Canadians who have a different opinion from her. Payette clearly thinks she is better than everyone else, and must arrogantly lecture to Canadians, instead of just doing her job.

The Trudeau government loves talking about diversity, yet they seem opposed to diversity of thought, instead pushing the same elitist line. Payette has turned her position into a partisan and divisive office, and that demonstrates a total failure to understand the role.

As a result, one of the last roles that still had widespread trust is losing credibility, and Payette is now seen as a partisan figure. For that to happen to such a powerful position means the breaking down of trust in our democracy, and creates a crisis of confidence that can undermine the legitimacy of the government structure.

For that reason, Julie Payette has to go, because Canadians deserve far better from the Governor General role.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Larry Hein

Fernando, let her keep on tripping over her tongue… By their fruits you shall know them. Because of her reputation before she was installed I would not have chosen her. So why did our Pinochio Minister? AHAH SHE is one of them… When are we Canadians going to have the right of recall???

Dennis R Young

Rex Murphy made an excellent point in his column today. “A minister of the Crown applauding a Governor General for her thoughts on a public issue that is both contentious and current betrays a total misunderstanding of the operations of both offices. Rideau Hall is not a wing of the governing party, and vice versa.” http://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-governor-general-places-herself-as-umpire-of-questions-of-faith-science

Gerald mcgarrigle

It shows that neither know anything about governing.

Bob Oswin

Did Mckenna really say “Could not be prouder”? ARRRRRRGH!

Don Taylor

mckenna is another nut job


Climate Barbie


Julie Payette’s theatrical speech qualifies her as a future drama teacher. However, the role of Governor General is a very sensitive one and requires much diplomacy which is certainly non existent. I would say for a first official speech she sounded like a hippy of the 60s who is trying to keep pace with today’s world but fail miserably in bringing any substance to her message and tries to impress the wrong people. She belittles all the Jos out there…..

jack grandville

Rather than rant myself, Jacinte, I will simply comment that I agree wholeheartedly with your comments — and, thanks.


She got her ‘drama’ lessons from her ‘drama’ teacher Justin.

alan skelhorne

haha trudeau got his hands on her, its plain n simple people, he looks for people that believes in his opinion. no one else matters, really its plain too see.

Roger Shelswell



A weakling woman who submits herself to the whim of a traitor instead of representing the Queen.

pamela kingwell

I agree with you!


He had more then hands on her.

Major Tom

Payette and McKenna…..judging by their fruits are both globalists…..’nuff said……


Funny thing though, Payette never mention ‘to stop rocket launching that emits millions of tons of pollution. And McKenna’s kind of environment: is to allow Liberal mayor Denis Coderre dump human waste and feces into St. Lawerence River. Yet us Canadians have to keep our rivers sweetly clean which WE do. She also drives fours different cars and very expensives ones paid for by us ‘tax cheats’ hard working Canadians and flies around polluting the skies to preach to us on environment when most of us have no choice but drive by and forth to work to pay for her… Read more »


Disgraceful, but not surprising given who makes the appointments. There’s only one thing left for her to do, and that’s resign.


I don’t live in Canada, I live in the US. Politicians are the same on both sides of the Border, they promise everything while campaigning, but once elected, deliver very little. When was the last time you saw a politician do anything for the good of Canadians, and not for “their own” agendas? I disagree with Ms. Payette, Climate Control is a farce, always has been. It’s just one more way for politicians to “legally” steal money from Canadian taxpayers. Politicians are thieves, how many have you seen struggling to pay their bills? If you truly believe in Climate Control,… Read more »


Sue, The media in Canada are the ones keeping the liberal party alive. they are the instrument that plays the same tune over and over praising Corrupt and traitor Justin why ignoring the general public concerns. Justin Trudeau millionaire takes triple digits $$$$$$$ from the Canadians for his salary. Donald Trump a millionaire salary from the americans is just $1.00. In fact, when ask by reporter about his salary he said he was not taking any but according to rules he has too so he decided to take $1.00 which I am sure he gives back. Yet the Canadian media… Read more »


It is the biggest tax grab, that Trudeau and Morneau want so they can fill their pockets


Another failure appointment by Trudeau. She obviously thinks she owes him.


Flamboyant politically incorrect offensive drama oriented people have no place as a Governor General of Canada!! Her and Trudeau both need to step down NOW!!!!


Who in the hell is this IDIOT how we end up with ignorant ass-s like this WOWWWWWWWWWWW WAKE UP CANADA


Birds of the feather flock together. Anybody knows that she had been arrested for a crime in the USA? SHE BEAT her husband! A criminal representing the Queen and Canada? Oh, wait! What else is new? We give criminals passports and big payouts! Why wouldn’t they be happy here? If Justin wins the second term in the office, we, and nobody else, will be to blame! Wake up, Canada, tsunami is coming!

Chaz Martel

Payette is a painfully transparent woman. I am sure in her corrupted and miniaturized worldview, she sees the limited GG appointment (in terms of tenure) as her opportunity to push herself forward as a public intellectual and a potential leader. Not being the brightest of women, she confuses her poorly expressed opinions on issues, about which she has only the sketchiest of understanding, as indicative of intellect. It is in fact indicative of intellect’s opposite.

Bill Craig

It appears she has been taking drama lessons from Potato. Disgusting arrogant lieberal.

Bruce Graham

i do agree and this matter should be one for the royal family to comment on and influence the out come not the goverment alone


Preaching her opinions about science and climate change. This from someone who was sent into space spewing hundreds of tons of filthy chemicals from rocket exhaust. Right up there with the Liberal climate jihadist who flew all the way to Vancouver, also spewing tons of pollution, to complain about a well deserved nickname.

I wonder when she looked down from the horribly expensive space station if she thought that the earth couldn’t have existed by accident. Pandering to her boss.

Chris vrecko

This doesn’the surprise me, an idiot appointing another idiot.
I see absolutely NO chance for the survival of this country unless the majority of Canadians wake up and throw these SOB’S out on their backsides.
I can’think believe Canada is that stupid. Electing a government because they want pot legalized!


Who said climate change is political, to most Canadians it’s fact. I for one am living in the middle of it and am very tired of hearing whether it’s real or not. Instead let’s try to figure out what to do about it. I do like this new G.G. , don’t agree with everything she said but she’s entitled to her beliefs like everyone else.

Pete Dako

what kind of idiot thinks there is anything even MILDLY controversial about “her beliefs” and have you been deleting all the sane comments LOL ~ this is all well accepted knowledge unless you are lobbying for fossil fuels

JP LaRocque

She should be fired into the stratosphere where she belongs…..

Bill Gallinger

It is too bad that the people replying do not realize that the Lady in question belongs to that science group in Antarctica that has spent close to some fifty years helping us under stand our lives.
And not only that — this is the only place in the world that has no wars.
Religions and wars seem to fit together.
And God had nothing to do with it.