Trudeau’s Immigration Policy Is A Massive Betrayal Of Working Class Canadians

Instead of strengthening the bargaining power of Canadian workers and bringing in massive tax cuts to make life more affordable, Justin Trudeau is doing the bidding of the global corporate elites at the expense of working class Canadians.

With the news that the Trudeau government is planning a huge increase in Canada’s immigration levels (340,000 per year by 2020 at a cost of over $1 billion yearly), one thing that has not received enough attention is how Trudeau’s immigration policy is a total betrayal of Canadian workers.

The globalist and corporate elites often claim that they want more and more immigration because of their commitment to diversity or whatever the current buzzword of the day may be.

However, the true reason big corporations (most of them not even Canadian-owned) want more and more immigration is because it dilutes the power of Canadian workers, making it easy to keep wages low. It also brings many people who don’t know the rights they have in Canada, and are sadly often easier to economically exploit.

This reduces the bargaining power of each worker for the simple reason that it’s easier to pay workers lower wages and get rid of people to find an easy replacement. More people entering the country ever year makes it tougher for people to find jobs, at a time when the labour force participation rate is near a record low.

Manipulated numbers

One of the ways that Trudeau and the elites sell big immigration increases is to talk about population and economic growth. We are told that increased immigration increases GDP and that we need more and more people to keep our population growing.

There are two big problems with this:

First, while more people in a country generally makes the economy bigger over all, that doesn’t mean it is any bigger on a per-capita basis. So, a country can have a higher GDP because of a larger population, while each individual person is a little bit poorer than they were before. A great example of the importance of per-capita GDP is a country such as Indonesia, which has a higher GDP than Switzerland, but also has a massive population, meaning the average Indonesian is far poorer than the average Swiss citizen.

Second, the elites focus only externally when they seek to increase Canada’s population, instead of looking at reasons why Canada’s homegrown population growth is so negligible. Common-sense Canadians know that if the government was able to get their expenses under control and bring in a huge tax cut (far bigger than anything we’ve seen in decades), while also reducing regulations that make everything more expensive, starting and growing a family would be far more affordable, and Canada’s population could grow more easily from within our borders.

And, while the pathetically dumb elitist fools will no doubt call the idea of prioritizing the population growth of Canadian citizens “racist,” the fact that Canada is already a very racially diverse country means focusing on the growth of Canadian citizens means supporting citizens of all backgrounds.

Betrayal of the working class

This is why the Trudeau policy betrays working class Canadians: With such high immigration numbers, the bargaining power of every worker is slowly reduced year after year after year. This is happening at the same time as many trade deals are revealed to hurt Canadian workers, and as automation means some industries can get more done with fewer people. Combined with higher taxes and job-killing regulations, this is why we have seen the productivity of our economy increase while wages are stagnant for decades when adjusted for inflation.

Just ask around and talk to people you know. You’ll hear the same thing over and over again: “We keep getting told how much richer Canada supposedly is, but everybody feels like it’s tougher to get by.”

That’s because those in power (including the Conservatives in many cases – though Trudeau is taking Canada towards extreme globalism the likes of which we haven’t seen) have instituted policies that work great for the salaries to top CEO’s and global corporations, while Canadian workers get fleeced. (While the NDP used to be more pro-worker, any benefit they would generate for workers gets ripped away through massive tax increases – which is why Canada needs a combo of pro-worker and low tax policies)

Immigration of around 200,000 – 250,000 per year, combined with the huge tax reductions I mentioned above could achieve a good balance between encouraging homegrown population growth and still encouraging a reasonable amount people to come to Canada, while also stabilizing the bargaining power of Canadian workers.

But that’s not what the elites like Trudeau want. They want the working class to become less financially independent, and less influential in our country. After all, much of Canada’s strong patriotism and commitment to our nation comes from working class Canadians, and Trudeau wants to wipe out those attitudes.

So, Trudeau’s immigration plan accomplishes both a political goal (making it easier to turn Canada into a disturbing “Post-National State”), and an economic goal – enriching his corporate buddies and increasing the number of Canadians who will be forced into further dependency on the “generosity” of the state – making the politicians and the bureaucracy even more powerful.

That is the truth of Trudeau’s immigration plan, and that is why Canadians need to push through the political correctness and demand policies that are focused first and foremost on those who are already living in our country and on protecting working class Canadians from the dangerous agenda of the elites.

Spencer Fernando

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