WATCH: Poilievre Asks Moneybags “What Else Is He Hiding” In Other Holding Companies

As the questions pile up, Moneybags Morneau doesn’t want to give any answers to the Canadian people.

In a long back-and-forth, Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilieve repeatedly asked Bill Moneybags Morneau to reveal what else he may have hidden in other holding companies.

After all, while Canadians thought Moneybags had put his Morneau-Shepell shares in a blind trust, it was revealed to the country that he put them in a holding company instead so he could retain control.

Yet, that’s not the only holding company Morneau has, and Canadians are wondering what else he has hidden.

Watch the video below where Poilievre tries to get answers:

By refusing to directly answer these simple and repeated questions, Morneau shows his continued contempt for the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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It is plainly obvious ….no disclosure reveals….


As Canadians have learned to expect of all Liberals, Morneau refused to provide an intelligent answer. We have no choice but to assume he is evading the question therefore has hidden investments and accounts. Many of them would be offshore in order to make them easier to hide. Revenue Canada and the RCMP need to start an investigation of many politicians and they must step aside while this investigation is done. With Trudeau being a self entitled elite, we can easily expect he has also been hiding money. How many accounts does he have in the Chinese Banks in Canada,… Read more »