ELITES: Top Trudeau Fundraisers Kept Tens Of Millions In Offshore Tax Havens

Trudeau’s “tax fairness” talking points have been exposed as empty garbage

The leak of the “Paradise Papers” has revealed massive amounts of money being held in offshore tax havens by the elitists around the world.

Among those elites are many Canadians, including top fundraisers for Justin Trudeau.

As reported by the Toronto Star, “Two generations of Liberal fundraisers — Stephen Bronfman and his 88-year-old retired senator godfather Leo Kolber — are tied together in a complex offshore structure that amassed $60 million (U.S.) in a tax haven beyond the reach of tax collectors in Canada, Israel and the U.S., a newly leaked trove of documents reveal.”

Money was reportedly invested through Caymen islands trusts.

Additionally, “Internal email correspondence and financial records in the Kolber trusts appear to show evidence of bogus records to hide payments, false invoicing and six-figure gifts to avoid paying tax, raising red flags for experts consulted by the Star and CBC/Radio-Canada.”

Bronfman was a top Trudeau fundraiser, and dominated Liberal Party fundraising in 2013. At the time he said, “The goal is raise a lot of money and to help Justin become the next prime minister. Simple, simple goal.”

If Justin Trudeau cared about “tax fairness,” why didn’t he go after his globalist elite buddies?

What this means is that all the time Trudeau was trying to rip money out of the hands of Canada’s local businesses, he knew that his fellow elites and top fundraisers were using offshore tax loopholes to avoid paying their fair share in Canada.

Yet, he said nothing, and he did nothing.

It is now clear beyond any doubt that Trudeau really serves the globalist elites and those who already have immense wealth and power, and he uses deceptive political tactics to hide that reality.

We are seeing that there’s one set of rules for those at the top, and another set of rules for everyone else. The government lets those with wealth, connections, and power get away with anything, while the rest of us are forced to play by the same rules the elites hypocritically break and avoid.

It shows the system has been totally broken, and is fully corrupted against the Canadian people.

All Trudeau’s talk about “tax fairness” has been revealed as totally empty garbage, and will only accelerate the growing number of Canadian patriots demanding a government that stands up for the real Canadian people. All Canadians must demand that those seeking our vote commit to immediately blocking the use of these offshore tax havens. Those who fail to do so are proving that they don’t really work for us, and must be defeated.

Spencer Fernando

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