SHUT THEM DOWN: Canada Must Ban The Use Of Offshore Tax Havens

The loopholes used by the elites must be closed.

The revelation that top fundraisers for Justin Trudeau put tens of millions of dollars into offshore trusts is causing tremendous anger throughout the country.

We know that without the sense and reality that the wealthy elite play by the same rules as the Canadian people, trust in government will continue collapsing, and our society will get even weaker. Additionally, the loss of revenue means higher taxes for the rest of us.

That’s why the government must ban the use of offshore tax havens.

The elites will obviously complain about it, and some in the establishment media might make some weak argument about how “we can’t do that,” but the truth is that it would be easy to accomplish.

After all, the Trudeau government just spent months ranting and raving about how they could close “loopholes” used by small businesses, so there’s no reason the government couldn’t ban the use of offshore tax havens.

Real tax fairness means low tax rates and the elimination of loopholes

Taxes are far too high right now, and only serve to feed the ever-growing bureaucratic government machine. It’s a big problem, because the government should never penalize success or punish those who create jobs. That’s why overall low tax rates are good for prosperity and good for growth.

With that in mind, we can see the clear difference between low tax rates and the use of tax loopholes.

The elites – including Trudeau’s top fundraisers – are using loopholes to pay less tax within Canada. Those are loopholes not used by most Canadians, meaning working class and middle class people are getting fleeced in comparison to those who have massive wealth and political connections.

That must come to an end, and since the Trudeau Liberals are obviously servants of the elitists, it will be up to other parties to get the job done. As a result, the Conservatives have a great opportunity here to shed the view many Canadians have (often rightfully so based on the past), that the Conservatives haven’t done enough to fix the corrupt system.

With Paul Martin, Brian Mulroney, and Jean Chretien listed in the Paradise Papers report on offshore accounts, both the Conservatives and Trudeau Liberals are connected to it.

Calling for a total ban on the use of offshore accounts would be a great way for Andrew Scheer to show that he is different and is willing to stand up for real Canadians. Of course, he would have to follow through on it or pay an electoral price.

Canadians know that the use of offshore accounts should have been banned years ago, and Canadian taxpayers deserve to see it happen. Until it does, our tax system remains broken and corrupt.

Spencer Fernando

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